Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 24 February

明日の叙景 (Asu no jokei) – わたしと私だったもの (Watashi to watashidatta mono) / Awakening (progressive blackened post-hardcore)

I.O – Pain in Patterns (free jazz/math rock)

Kucoshka – Country Boy Band (experimental/progressive rock)

Sunday, 25

Colosso – Rebirth (progressive death metal)

Lushh – Insight Unsought (modern jazz)

Mauvais – Frail Words (deathcore)

Monday, 26

Euclid C-Finder – A Standard Basis for the Set of All Discontent (mathgrind)

Omar – *3 (avant-garde/free jazz)

Terrestre – Montuhotep (post-metal)

Tuesday, 27

Spirals – Spirals (progressive rock/drone)

Wednesday, 28

Æthĕrĭa Conscĭentĭa – Tales from Hydhradh (avant-garde black metal)

Bruant Zizi – Survol (experimental math rock)

Thursday, 1 March

Tin Men and the Telephone – World Domination, Part 1: FURIE (Federal Union for Restoring Intergalactic Equilibrium) (experimental/modern jazz)

Warrego Valles – Botox (minimalist IDM)

Friday, 2

David Birchall, Andrew Cheetham, Colin Webster, and Otto Willberg – Plastic Kneecap (free jazz)

Divine Realm – Nordicity (death metal)

Gardenjia – Machina Dei (atmospheric progressive metal)

Rolo Tomassi – Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It (post-mathcore)

Solis – Solis (indie folk rock)

Wanja Slavin Lotus Eaters – Salvation (modern jazz)

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