Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 17

Main:Art – Synæsthetic (melodic progressive metal)

Sunday, 18

The Math-Rock House Band – The Math-Rock House Band (math rock/indie rock)

Monday, 19

Contraband – Reloaded (jazz fusion, video game music)

Erna – Pan (experimental jazz)

Mahr – Antelux (ambient black metal)

Nyn – Entropy: Of Chaos and Salt (Instrumental Version) (experimental technical death metal)

Tuesday, 20

Colin Hinton – Glassbath (experimental jazz)

Ensemble ILÉA – Multi.Cosmes (avant-garde jazz)

Thursday, 22

Carpenter Brut – “Leather Teeth” Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (retrowave)

Jack Tickner – Reassuring Weight (experimental rock)

Nishaiar – Irix Zerius (atmospheric black metal, world music)

Oh Hiroshima – Resistance Is Futile (post-rock)

Stickman – Lawan diri (indie rock)

Teeel – Overtime (retrowave)

Friday, 23

Bruce Lamont – Broken Limbs Excite No Pity (experimental jazz)

Cabal – Mark of Rot (deathcore)

Cloudmakers Five – Traveling Pulse (modern jazz)

A Cunning Man – To Heal a Broken Body (progressive power metal)

Insect Ark – Marrow Hymns (atmospheric doom metal)

Jean Jean – Froidepierre (nu jazz, math rock)

Jeff Anderle – Branching Patterns (contemporary classical)

Kaoteon – Damnatio memoriae (blackened death metal)

Kaze – Atody Man (modern jazz)

灰野敬二 & Sumac – アメリカドル紙幣よ – そのまま横を向いたままでいてくれ 正面からは見られたもんじやないから / American Dollar Bill – Keep Looking Sideways, You’re Too Hideous to Look at Face On (experimental post-metal)

King Chiefs – Blue Sonnet (stoner rock)

Maladie – Of Harm and Salvation (progressive doom metal)

Maudlin – Sassuma arnaa (post-metal)

Ostura – The Room (progressive metal, metal opera)

Poem – Unique (progressive metal)

Subtle Degrees – A Dance That Empties (experimental jazz)

Verneri Pohjola/Mika Kallio – Animal Image (ambient jazz)

Wake – Misey Rites (grindcore)

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