Toothgrinder: The Craziest Live Band Ever

Everything about this band is extreme. Their stage presence. Their attitude. The progressiveness of their songs. Hell even their amp rigs are intense.

These guys were one of the opening bands for Corelia and Misery Signals last night at the Championship Bar in Trenton, NJ.

The moment they started they blow my mind with their intensity. Just imagine a more extreme in your face Between the Buried and Me sound with killer Classic rock solos and great usage of effects from crazy pitch shifted solos to some tasty bass fuzz to some of the most insane drumming I have seen. These guys are about serious about music as it can get. From their two guitarists head banging and running around in the front section of the crowd and even going in the pit for a moment, to their vocalist jumping on every piece of the P.A. System that he could, their bassist playing some of the best grooves and surprising me with his smooth clean vocals, which is all wrapped up and keeped together with their versatile intense drummer.

The performance they put on is top notch. The intensity is something that truly can not be put into words and needs to be experience. If anyone from that show can put up some footage of the night I will grant you all the hugs.

I’m going to be keeping a tight eye on whatever they do.

The first video a drum play through with some live footage of the whole band of their latest record, “Vibration/Color/Frequency”. Which is free on their band camp btw:

This second video is some fan footage from their record release show (quality isn’t so great on it):