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I reviewed LA-based instrumental prog band Mammoth‘s album Deviations back in 2016, giving it much praise. Well, now they’re back with new album Everything That Is You under a new band name: Thrailkill. Frontman Wes used his last name as the band’s new name, which I think, with a last name that badass, why wouldn’t you? Of course, the music is equally badass. Chock full of melodic arpeggi and heavy riffs, this album is sure to satisfy any prog fan, from the casual to hardcore.

Overall, the songs on this album are shorter than the last, but are more memorable. The third track, “Before”, is one of my favourites and has such a nice guitar tone. The transitions between some tracks on this album are seamless and the album flows quite well. The fifth track, “Gone”, is the longest at just under ten minutes and is definitely a stand out track, with Samuel L. Jackson interrupting after minute two to say “Oh I’m sorry, did I break your concentration?” This is definitely one of the heavier tracks on the album. Around the 7:40 mark, it transitions to a pleasant acoustic passage for the remainder of the song. There are some nice symphonic sounds on this album which almost sound like they could be the score of an epic video game or something. The piano in “Interquaalude” is beautiful and also fits that bill.

Everything That Is You releases today, and is a stellar album which further cements my love for this band. Definitely pick it up, or at least give it a few listens on Bandcamp.

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