The Lion’s Daughter, Manta, Void Eater, Eli Wallace, Frontierer, Neckbeard Deathcamp, 春ねむり, The Bepis Brothers, and Elaine the Singer

The Lion’s Daughter – Future Cult

Kiara impressed with their 2016 album Existence Is Horror, yet they surprise with their 2018 Future Cult. By putting aside some part of their sound to make space for the inclusion of synth horror—for lack of a better term—, the St Louis band manages to conjure a new aspect of their character. The sawtooths merge well with the dissonant distorted guitars, the near-constant blast beats, and the guttural vocals. Get on this.

Manta – Manta

There are few things better than uncovering a new experimental jazz band. Rimouski’s Manta quartet—saxophone, electric bass, vibraphone, and percussions—just released their self-titled debut, for free, on bandcamp. The nine tracks will entertain you for the better part of an hour, where you’ll slide across multiple different soundscapes and ideas: from the very fusionesque “Vélo de course” to the more experimental “Oizo” pieces. Overall a quite appreciable experience!

Void Eater – III

Following in their lineage of disgusting death metal, Norway’s Void Eater released III, a three-track EP of chthonic sounds. Not unlike Aronious, Altarage, and Thoren, Void Eater crafts deep and challenging compositions that seem to breathe toxic fumes. And, for that, III certainly does not disappoint.

Eli Wallace – Slideshow Junky I

Iluso records rarely disappoint… I’ve already raved about Death Drag and dMu on record, but also liked Stray, Musicianer, and Dominic Lash Quartet a lot. Eli Wallace is the latest one I’m going on the record for. I indeed support this amazing experimental jazz album. If the aforementioned bands didn’t open your appetite already, then I suggest you take some time to digest all the albums suggested here. Have fun!

Frontierer – Unloved

After Sectioned and The Armed, Scotland’s Frontierer completes the holy trinity of 2018’s mathcore with Unloved. With strong hints of Car Bomb (thanks to modulation effects) and The Dillinger Escape Plan, Unloved is an abrasive, unrelenting assault on the senses. If you want to be angery, I suggest playing this album, and alongside it The Armed’s and Sectioned’s.

Neckbeard Deathcamp – White Nationalism Is for Basement Dwelling Losers

A quick look at the imagery and lyrics used by France’s Neckbeard Deathcamp, and you’ll immediately see on which side this band is, if you had any doubt to begin with. What seems like a pure and simple mockery, or experiment in shocking those who hold the shock value of black metal in highest regard, has quickly spread around the Internet, and reached big and popular outlets (and is still the top selling album on bandcamp). That’s thanks to the capable compositions—nothing different from any regular, raw black metal band—and the unabashed antifascist themes. Support the good fight.

春ねむり (Haru Nemuri) – 春と修羅 (Haru to shura)

Haru Nemuri‘s debut album is a superb experimental J-pop album that blends rap and noise elements into it rather seamlessly. 春と修羅 (Haru to shura) provides plenty of interesting aesthetic choices and musical moments. I recommend you take a good look at it!

The Bepis Brothers – B

What reads like a joke is actually a more than decent hard bop and modal jazz album that deserves some attention. The Bepis BrothersB is an album that can easily showcase some of the beauty of jazz. Through various compositions, B proves itself to be a wonderful addition to your more “regular” jazz library.

Elaine the Singer – Demos

Elaine the Singer is a side project from more famous math rock band Floral. The band, still instrumental, still math rock in spirit, is quite different than their main project, but the compositions on this demo tape are really inspiring, reminding me more of bands like Masiro, Tiberious, or, at times, Omniataxia. This is certainly a nice addition to your math rock vocabulary!

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