The Best of 2023

This year, I’ve decided to simplify things a little bit. This post is not split into various genres, the albums are not ranked from worst to best, and I haven’t written more thoughts on any album than I previously had. This is because all the albums that left a strong impression on me are here, whether this one or that one should go before or after that other one seems like counter-productive. I want you to listen to all of them, because I feel they are all equally worth it. No matter the genre (as always). You may not like all of them, hell you may not like any one of them, but if you don’t: just skip this one and go to the next one in line.

For convenience, they’re all displayed chronologically, and I’ve even made a Spotify playlist for those of you who like this monstrous company. Of course, not all albums are in that playlist—because not all albums are available on Spotify—so for a more complete experience just go through this post and listen to the embedded players. Most of them are from Bandcamp but there’s a few Youtube videos too, because not everything is on Bandcamp either. But everything is on here! So enjoy!

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On March 2 2024, this entry was posted.