Slice the Cake – Odyssey to the West [UNFINISHED]

a2703576326_16Slice the Cake have been around since 2009 and released their debut EP, “Cleanse” in 2010. They became more well-known with their 2012 album “The Man with No Face”, which raised the band to world fame in the spheres of progressive metal and metalcore, only reinforced by “Other Slices”.

With Odyssey to the West, the trio pushes even farther the boundaries of their own brand of music. Their musicianship and creativity is at their utmost, and is best portrayed on [NAME RELEVANT SONG FROM ODYSSEY THAT MATCHES DESCRIPTION]: a song of epic proportions both structurally and conceptually! They’ve built on their strengths, and added a few on the way. Their singer, [NAME], has developed in many ways, and the focus has now shifted to [CHOOSE ONE: harsh vocals / clean vocals], which is a welcome change.


The Odyssey also has an overarching theme, an album-spanning concept that is very strong, emotionally and intellectually. The story behind the music will grab you with lyrics such as [LYRICS], on [SONG], or bring you to tears with [INSERT RELEVANT CONCEPT INFO]. I truly feel that they’ve given all they’ve got for this one. This is also the reason why it got delayed as much! Originally planned for March of 2015, then April, it finally got pushed back to [RELEASE DATE]. I guess that’s what separates a good album from a legendary one.

In conclusion, Odyssey to the West is one of the best releases this year, and truly one of the highlights of [YEAR]. This album is unforgettable, and will remain in our memories for a long time.