Review: Milk Room – Controluce

Milk Room is a Canadian progressive metal band with tinges of math rock in it. Their latest release, the Controluce EP, is made up of six songs flowing into each other, creating the feeling of them being part of a greater thing, some sort of long concept song divided in multiple movements.

The music is somewhat reminiscent of Protest The Hero and The Venus De Melos, the album of which we reviewed not so long ago here. The songs are intricate and technical and are filled with odd time signatures and complex guitar, bass, and drums parts, all of which are played masterfully by the band. The voice is handled pretty well, too, but I find it to be one of the weakest points of the EP, as well as the production. Of course, the like or dislike of a singer is a deeply suggestive matter; if they sing in tune and on time, the timbre of their voice is the only discriminatory feature. Maybe this issue is tied in with the production issue of the release. The voice sometimes seems to get quieter, and then louder, as if the singer stepped back and forth in front of the microphone while recording, and the other instruments on the album don’t shine as they should, probably because of their tone, or their place in the mix.

Finally, the only complaints I have with Controluce is its production. It can really ruin your music. While it’s not as extreme in this case, it does make the album sound a bit lacklustre, and that’s a shame because its contents are of great quality and would deserve to shine more.