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What a surprise I had, when sifting through the zeuhl tag on bandcamp, when I stumbled upon this Magyar brutal prog gem. Protoplasma keeps it mysterious: we don’t know who is in the band or how many they are, only that they’re from Budapest! Maybe I should organize a field trip, someday, to make some detective work… They hardly play zeuhl music, their sound is closer to experimental, noise rock, and avant-prog, but I certainly won’t mind the indirect reference.

(Kötőjel, I guess?) is just over thirty minutes, but it’s filled to the brim with explosive riffs and rhythms, odd, reverberated vocals, and off-kilter compositions. It’s certainly an album that stands out, while showing its roots in psychedelic and progressive music. Kötőjel (-) is inventive and easygoing. You’re sure to have a good time with it!

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Sheen Marina
Lingua Nada