Perfect Beings – Vier

Coming out on the nineteenth, Perfect Beings‘ third album, Vier, excels at making new symphonic progressive rock. As soon as the four-part opening track “Guedra” starts, you know what you’re getting into. If the polyphonic vocal introduction didn’t sell it, maybe the next, odd-metred riff with accompanying woodwinds solo will. Still not convinced? Just let the polymetric backing track to the next solo sink in! My point is that the album is filled to the brim with fascinating moments, if you take the slightest moment to analyze them. Indeed, they are so well crafted that they aren’t jarring upon casual listening, but a more thorough inspection will reveal many underlying layers of complexity. The album is massive, too, and although there are some less overwhelming moments throughout, the undertaking is massive. Surely, Vier bodes well for 2018 progressive rock and the state of the genre today. If anyone of your friends states that prog is dead, or that the Golden Era has come and gone ages ago, just put this album under their nose.


An advanced digital copy of the album was sent to us for review.