OSR: October 18th 2015

Here’s the second instalment of One-Sentence Reviews!

Let’s begin with The Pneumatic Transit, a progressive jazz band that released Concerto for Double Moon earlier this month: a great and substantial album for lovers of classical- and jazz-inspired progressive rock music.

Then comes Mesarthim‘s space-themed Isolate album, an atmospheric black metal wonder that really knows how to take you by the hand and walk you through their songs.

Breed the Killers is a sludgey death metal band that released their self-titled debut album earlier this month: it’s pretty good but rather one-facetted and can get boring at times.

Ex-Look Right Penny Mariel and Cotee unveiled their new project, Dear Apollo, with a single, Into the Darkness. It’s pretty similar to their previous band, and it’s equally as fun to listen to; I’m really looking forward for an album of this.

Russian blackened djent band Second to Sun released, in the previous year, seven singles that they bundled up into an album called The First Chapter. It’s good, inspired, and varied instrumental heavy music, but I still wish they had a killer singer over it, and possibly release instrumental versions of their songs still.

Mechanical Hound is a Leeds-based solo progressive rock project. Sleep Soundly is a two-part song, the first of which is a bit underwhelming but the second is really promising!

So, that’s it!

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