OSR: November 25th, 2015

The Syters is a mathcore band from Russia whose sound is closer to the Frontierer/Sectioned brand than the Dillinger Escape Plan’s; it’s a pretty good album.

12 Areas is Telepathy‘s latest: a great post-metal journey.

That’s the sort of black metal I like, atmospheric, sludgey, and post-ish.

What would happen if djent and rap collided and worked together? If you thought about Hacktivist, you’re right, but DVSR is now also an acceptable answer (since 2013 apparently).

It gives me great joy to hear a perfect blend of jazz and math rock, thanks to Father Figure.

Område is an avant-garde metal entity that gladly explores the adjacent realms of electro and classical music; think Ulver, I guess.

Fields of God is Zayn‘s latest, featuring some sort of noisy post-rock and no singer.

Nylithia finally released their modern take on thrash metal, and even though some songs are really damn good, I feel that all songs that weren’t released in 2011 or late 2012 are not as good. Maybe they underwent some personnel change? I don’t know, but I think the album is worth it just for Immersed in the Maniacal, Trainsaw, Vein of Creation, and Hyperthrash.

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