OSR: March 11th, 2016


That was quick! Only two days after our last OSR showcase we’ve got eight new albums to listen to! All right, no time to waste.

First up is The Random Monsters‘ newest EP, We Pretend It’s All Right. It’s a very good post-rock triptych with pretty heavy moments. It came out just today so I recommend you give it a listen.

Secondly is Derangeable, by Aliases. Another slab of heavy math metal… as we should expect from them. There’s no single or preview available yet; the album comes out on April 15th.

After that, we’ve got Lee Kajko‘s latest post-rock experiment, The Space Hermit. It’s got a bunch of electronic music elements to it, which makes it sound rather apart from the usual post-rock band. It’s a pretty lengthy release too, so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

Then goes Without Waves. They’re a very interesting experimental progressive metal band, and their newest EP, The Entheogen, although only three songs long, is more than 20 minutes in length, all of which are pretty entertaining, with various experimentations and loads of prog.

And, obviously, Wormed‘s newest, Krighsu. It’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect from a Wormed album: absurd sci-fi concepts, ridiculously aggressive metal with a healthy amount of progressive metal and technical death metal thrown in there. If you liked Exodromos, you’ll love Krighsu. Coming out on March 18th.

Up next is Verdun‘s The Eternal Drift’s Canticles, a slow, raw, and oppressive sludge doom metal album. It’s also a pretty substantial release, at around 55 minutes of running time. If you’re into slower, heavier music, you’ll probably dig that one.

Paroxysm, by Quebec City’s progressive death metal band Deviant Process will most likely leave you floored. There’s everything you want to hear from such a band: crazy, proemiment bass, technical and fast riffing, slight over-drumming, brutal vocals and great song construction. Off the top of my head, it sounds like a mix of Beyond Creation and Augury!

And finally, Finnish composer Joel Lindfors just released Solitude, an electronic music-tinged instrumental prog metal album. It’s very good and has a vast range of atmospheres and emotions to it, it’s not just riffs and breakdowns, but there’s a good diversity of sounds and instruments in there – mostly electronic. Check it out!

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