OSR: June 20th, 2016

Let’s start this one with Dr. Zilog‘s Unknown Command. I’ve got to say that this one is much better than any of their previous albums. I knew the project with Vulgar Fractions, and it was pretty good for a while, but the gimmicky nature of it made it intolerable to me after only a few listens. Same goes for that other chiptune project, Unraveller. However, I feel that Unknown Command is much more a metal album than it tries to be a NES soundtrack.

In typical Indricothere fashion, it’s without a word of warning that III came out on June 16. If you know the project, you know what to expect (well, except for that XI album). If you’re not, be ready for a brutal assault of notes by the Warr-guitarist of Behold the Arctopus (formerly Behold… The Arctopus).

The Armed gives us a glimpse of what it is to witness one of their live prestations with Unanticipated, their live album. The energy coming from this recording is pretty insane; we feel like we’re there. If you know The Armed already, you know it’s one of the best hardcore bands out there: it’s violent and musically interesting, so be sure to check it out.

Remedy Lane Revisited (Remixed & Relived) (2016)Remedy Lane is Pain of Salvation‘s most influential album, perhaps, and so they’ve remixed and remastered it for a Re:visited edition. Although the balance between the instruments is better therein, the overall mix suffers from being pushed too much, as evidenced by the frequent clipping. I’d say: if you’re not a huge PoS fan, don’t get it.

coverkarmaNext up is another prog rock legend: Karmakanic, and their newest album, Dot. Or, I guess, simply “.” It’s a pretty good symphonic prog album, which made me think of The Tangent a bit. If you’re into melodic and pretty unsurprising rock that follows the conventions of the prog subgenre, you’ll like that one.

Here’s a downbeat sludge metal album to rid your day of that ugly sunshine and happiness: Fange‘s Purge. Coming out on September 2nd, this album is all about being slow and heavy, with overly distorted guitars and bass (and vocals). There are, however, some variety in the tempo department, which is a good thing, that can bring in some punk energy just before robbing it from you when it goes back to the low tempo.

[Stream the single here.] Sisters Of… is an instrumental post-metal band with tinges of progressive and sludge music. Their latest album, The Serpent, the Angel, the Adversary, was a pretty good one, and this new single, Adulescentia is essentially a B-side to it. It was supposed to be on their album but was rejected for some reason. It’s pretty good, though, so get a listen to that!

And finally, Command Your Weather is the upcoming album from drums and bass duo Big Business. It’s a very energetic and sludgy release, and it oozes of stoner rock at times, with that bass distortion and particular vocal style. It’s very energetic and in your face, while not being too somber. In fact, the goal of the band for this album was to show that their music could be fun and joyous, and I think that’s pretty much success. Anyways, check it out, I think it’s pretty good!

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