OSR: January 5th, 2016

Let’s start off this year, shall we?

First up is Trivalent‘s second full-length album, Norms and Values. It’s quite interesting and features four tripartite songs but the synthesized sounds of it just kills it.

Then comes Cold Night for Alligators‘s new album, Course of Events, coming out on the eleventh. Very good and out-of-the-box djent, but it feels less experimental than their previous material overall.

I finally got to buy Ur Draugr‘s new album, With Hunger Undying. It’s generally what you’d want from a sequel to “The Wretched Ascetic”, but sometimes the snare will make a strange crackling sound, and I don’t know if it’s wanted or not.

No wonder Zhrine got signed to Season of Mist, their only song on bandcamp is some crazy dark stuff! Listen to that and, I guess, expect an album sometime in the future!

Noctcaelador‘s album, Caelum, displays some potent atmospheric black metal from Colorado, check for yourself!

The Australians in Odyssey master their instruments in this upcoming album entitled Voids, for fans of technical and melodic instrumental prog metal.

Finally, here’s Las Vegas’s Aokigahara with their self-titled EP. Playing a sort of experimental post-hardcore, they stay an intriguing beast even after a few listens; I’m still unsure whether I really enjoy their music or not… You choose for yourself.

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