OSR: February 25th, 2016

Jusska‘s EP, Tsuki, came out in January. It’s a good mix of heavy, groovy djent with clean and ambient vocals.

Pontus Grunve‘s new release, IV, is an interesting take on prog rock with jazzier aesthetics and borrows from post-rock as well. It’s a very well-made EP that will please most fans of the genre.

Night Terrors is a very experimental jazz album. Armed only with an alto sax, a guitar, and a drumset (as well as a bunch of exotic instruments), the project puts world music, folk, as well as field recordings and more ambient stuff into free jazz and a real rollercoaster of emotions ensues.

At first, I got a strong TTNG vibe when listening to OdessosUrsus Arctos Arctos, but they definitely have a sound of their own. They play a sort of chill math rock with touches of indie rock and a gifted singer crafting memorable melodies. It’s a great album for more easy-listening sessions.

Quite on the contrary, here’s Neonblack [apparently] first single, Until the Sun Is Silent. It’s a grim and hopeless blackened djent song, almost 10 minutes long, that displays quite a range of styles and atmospheres. They don’t seem to have a bandcamp or facebook page, but the link to download the song can be found in their Youtube video’s description.

Skáphe² is the band’s second nihilistic recording, and spews out a chaotic, experimental black metal goo. It’s very good and even a bit disconcerting at times.

Order of the Oblique‘s debut EP – despite being more than 40 minutes long -, is a single, three-part song called Layers. It’s a very good progressive post-metal album with a few electro touches, and loads of atmosphere complementing the music.

And finally, for now, The Benzene Ring‘s 2015 album Crossing the Divide is a very cool experimental progressive rock release with intrusions of many other music genres, such as djent, psychedelic pop, and folk.

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