OSR: February 21st, 2016

Let’s start off with Montreal’s Éohum, and their black/doom metal album, Ealdfaeder. It’s a very potent album with a strong message about the lost civilizations and cultures because of, mainly, colonialism. A great record.

Go big or go home… Axon-Neuron have outdone themselves with their double-LP, Metamorphosis. Almost two hours of great and intelligent prog rock with various jazz and classical influences, as well as a bit of pop and electro music.

Am Fost La Munte Și Mi-a Plăcut is a Romanian post-rock band that clearly likes long titles; from the album name to the song titles, they’re all tongue-twisters for the average Anglophone. Nevertheless, music speaks of itself and reveals a very good, contemplative and epic album for fans of the genre.

This is actually a project of mine, under the Omega Cluster moniker. It was created as a way to release my compositions since I never found people to build a live band for these songs. Thus, I turned it into a chiptune project. Her is a two-part, 15-minute song with a more prog rock and almost indie feel to the first part, while the second is more metal. Check it out!

I rarely hear about Bosnia and Herzegovina, but if, when I do, it’s by music such as Moontrip, I’ll like the country very much! EP is a sort of psychedelic, progressive, post-rock instrumental album, and the blend of it all is very pleasing to hear. You should check it out too.

What I thought when I first listened to this album was that it sounded like clean punk (what an oxymoron), with a prog rock side to it. I kept listening and I eventually came up with the thought that it sounded like a garage Plini, or a punk Sithu of sorts. You don’t get the same level of musicianship on display, but the feel is similar. It’s a pretty good little album that might surprise you.

Nucleus‘s Sentient is a sci-fi death metal album, with a bit of thrash influences thrown in. I’m not big on more traditional-sounding death or thrash, but it’s got pretty cool moments, and the sci-fi theme adds a little something too.

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