OSR: February 15th, 2016

Last week was very slow, but only today I got 4 new albums so I guess it makes up for last week!

Out March 11th, Mithridatic‘s debut album is a ceaseless discharge of blackened death metal that only France seems to be able to craft. It’s a solid and oppressive slab so remember the name.

The newest release from Art as Catharsis is Australia’s 苦しみ (Kurushimi), a free jazz and grindcore melting pot that reminds me strongly of Japanese improvisation noise-grind band Schreckwürmer, but with softer passages. This is yet another stellar album on AaC’s ever-growing list of releases!

I’m not usually a big fan of symphonic metal, as they tend to stay on the cheesy and power metal side of things, but Rapheumet’s Well‘s more tech-death approach to it makes it all the more digestible for someone like you and me. The Exile is a great album coming out March 18th.

If you like your metal with as many outside influences as possible, you’ll most likely dig Spires of the Lunar Sphere‘s Pangaea Ultima, an avant-garde take on… post-hardcore, I guess. It’s pretty hard to determine under all that experimentation, but that’s what the bandcamp tags say.

Vipassi is an Australian tech-black supergroup, and they sure do live up to the name. Śūnyatā is all over the place, and is a very rewarding album to listen to for fans of bands such as Beyond Creation and Fallujah.

Finally, the body‘s new album, No One Deserves Happiness, is some sort of horrible sacrilege of pop music… that’s one way to make pop music interesting. You could say it’s some sort of experimental doom album too, but in the end it’s very good.

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