OSR: December 19th, 2015

Heavy and low experimental black metal with industrial tendencies; it ultimately sounds too industrial for my tastes.

Swallow the Sun‘s triple album is unnecessarily long and could’ve been much better if the individual songs were more worked upon and if the weaker ones were weeded out.

A simple yet efficient instrumental stoner/doom album.

A pretty solid progressive black metal album coming out in early 2016.

Technical death metal has never really been my thing, but this Icelandic band must be doing something right!

Atmospheres‘s The Departure is a deserving if rather simplistic ambidjent album.

This would’ve most probably made the October recommendations if it didn’t flew by without me noticing it. In short, I’d say it’s a good blend of early Mars Volta and early Muse put together!

The Mighty Few is by far their best album: it sounds like a slow rock opera with a wide range of instruments, but it’s not without its flaws: both songs are rather anticlimactic and a bit stagnant. I wish they’d keep experimenting with these longer songs.

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