OSR: April 5th, 2016


There is so much great music assaulting me that I feel submerged by it! I have a hard time keeping up with all the releases. Nevertheless, here we go with a third day streak of OSRs.

Sweden’s ᛒᛚᛟᛞᛊᛒᚨᚾᛞ (Blodsband) just released their latest album, Rungalder. It’s some pretty good atmospheric black metal where the vocals are put in the background rather than in the forefront, so we can better soak in the atmosphere crafted by the instruments. The only downside to me is the drums, which sound very synthesized. It would be a good idea to work on better programming or to afford recording an acoustic drumset.

Humanity’s Last Breath is back with a second album of fathomlessly heavy deathcore/djent, Detestor. They might be one of the heaviest bands out there right now, so if you’re into that kind of jelly, check it out.

Progressive experimental rock band The Tea Club released their newest album, Grappling back in November, but I somehow missed it! Oh, well. If you’re a fan of forward-thinking progressive rock – coincidentally in the same vein as The Mercury Tree, which we talked about yesterday -, you’ll most likely like this album a lot!

Try saying their name out loud. Vmthanaachth‘s Fit Secundum Regulam is one of the most avant-garde metal albums I’ve had the chance to listen to. Described as “contemporary classical”, it sounds like an orchestra was befitted with distortion guitars. It thrives on dissonance and long-form songs, so it can either be a new piece that you’ll like, or an unbearable mess. As for me, I quite enjoy it.

Proliferation plays that exquisite brand of tech-death with fretless bass that we’ve come to know and love in the past few years, and they add diverse styles of harsh vocals over it, thanks to the multiple capable singers in the band. Rebirth: The Journey through Soil came out in late February. The band members seem pretty young, and it only adds to their merit because I’d love to have been this good at their age.

أقزام شرق العجوزة (The Dwarfs of East Agouza) is a psychedelic rock/jazz band from Cairo, Egypt. Their first album, بیسو (Bes), feels a lot like an extended jam session, which is a good thing and a flaw as well. While it’s fun to listen to the musicians liberate their minds on these, it seems to lack a bit in terms of song structure. I should also point out that this is a pretty long double album, with a 35-minute closure. It’s also interesting that they incorporate mostly world music-type percussions, and that some tracks vary quite a lot, not like “بــــــــــــاقة املستقبل” (Baka of the Future), which is pretty much a one-section song.

The electronica/glitch project Lucianblomkamp released Bad Faith on April 1st. It’s a quite atmospheric, dark and minimalistic sound, with very emotional songs (like this one), and with very good vocals.

Solinaris have released a three-song teaser for Deranged, last year, and the full album comes out the 8th of April. It’s a very decent progressive tech-death concept album where every member shines. The whole flows very smoothly even through their frequent genre-shifting, which are not overdone and feels like they add to the sound rather than detract from it.

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