OSR: April 19th, 2016


Mantispidae‘s latest album, The Difference between Heaven and Hell Is Just in Your Perception, is comprised of three songs of ambient, atmospheric drone/doom with stretched out guitars and drums. There are no real riffs in there, so to speak, but there are some tremolo-picked sections. Overall, it gives off a very ethereal and relaxing yet oppressing kind of sound.

Rudra Bhakti is Drought‘s new black metal album. It takes lots of atmospheric and ambient influences, such as in the first track, and the rest is some very good dissonant black metal a bit on the raw side, but still with some more modern influences, chiefly on the riffing style. It’s a very good avant-black album.

As chaotic and wonky as ever, Imperial Triumphant returns with Inceste, their latest EP. If you don’t know the band, it’s avant-garde black metal with a very unique writing style. You can immediately notice this in the guitar opening of “Kaleidoscopic Orgies”, but all the EP, and much of their previous works too, are full of this kind of weirdness that we love from them.

Note that this bandcamp embed only shows the single track, not the whole album. Vex is a melodic death metal band, and Sky Exile is their third album. It’s fairly decent, but definitely not what I’d go back and listen to again.

After their wildly-praised debut album, the Polish band Niechęć comes back with their sophomore, self-titled album. Although, at first listen, I don’t think it’s quite on the same level as “Śmierć w miękkim futerku”, Niechęć is still a fantastic experimental jazz album. I really recommend this one to any fan of experimental jazz and jazzy metal or rock.

Astral Path‘s An Oath to the Void is a very good atmospheric black metal album. There are also some electronic elements to it, but not to the extent of Mesarthim, for example. It should please to fans of the genre, I recommend you check it out.

Battle Path is an experimental black metal/doom band, and Ambedo came out last November. It’s pretty good and diverse, and so I think you should give it a listen, you might very much like it!

After the success of “The Grim Muse”, In Twilight’s Embrace returns with Trembling, a sort of post-scriptum EP with two new songs and a cover. It’s pretty much more of the same music that was on their latest album, so that’s a good sign.

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