OSR: 22nd October 2015

Welcome to One-Sentence Reviews, where I’m too lazy to actually write decent length reviews!

Let’s kick today with Drummond‘s EP Getting Comfortable. Globally, it’s a more jazzy Sithu Aye. Now that’s something I can can get behind!

Secondly, we’ve got India’s Kouros, with their first atmospheric doom rock album Causa. It does a pretty good job at establishing an atmosphere, but other than that nothing extraordinary.

Hybrid Nightmares just released the fourth part of their Age cycle with The Fourth Age, the culmination of destruction. It’s a really good progressive black metal EP, and you should get it as well as the three that came before it in this cycle.

Finally, Gross Ex Machina is a really underground band that makes music that I would categorize as mathy, jazzy grindcore. wounder is a great albeit short EP that you should look into!

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