One-Sentence Reviews: October 13th 2015

So… Being a music blog/website, we receive a lot of music. From PR firms and labels, but also from the bands themselves, sometimes. We listen to most of it. If it catches our ear, we then go on to download or buy it for further listening. The best ones end up in a full review on the website, but even then some of the best don’t get a review simply because I forget about them or don’t find anything to say. Then, the rest of that – many, many albums – never get reviews. They only get posted on the facebook page.

However, I want to try and give them a little more respect. Both to the artists, and you guys, because you should know about that music too, if you’re not following us on facebook. Also, I’ll give my concise, honest opinion about it. So, let’s do this.

Kids Eat Crayons is a wonderful experimental jazz band from Montreal, it’s a great album I haven’t found much to say about, unfortunately, but do get it!

Lost Soul is a tech-death-ish band from Poland with certain black metal aesthetics, it’s solid album that will be available October 30th.

France’s Atrorum put out a bewildering polyglot avant-black album; it seems to try really hard to be out there, but in the end it didn’t stick on me.
Ian Ethan Case is a guitar virtuoso: he plays on a double-neck guitar with all sorts of techniques, and his album is just a great, relax yet mesmerizing listen.

Frostbitt‘s self-titled album is a great example of well-done experimental djent, I hope to hear more from them in the future.

Ontario, Canada’s The Apex released some sort of technical deathcore album, good stuff for angry people.

Fractal Generator play a kind of blackened tech-death, it’s good and well-done but in the end forgettable.

Acédia are a progressive black metal band, their album is great and will most definitely scratch that black itch you got.

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