OhBree – Death By Broomstick

Ever wished that poppy folk-ish music existed with brass, variations, a bit of prog and a bit of jazz? You got Sufjan Stevens, who does incredible stuff. If that’s too mellow for you, and you feel like partying more, or dancing even, well here comes OhBree with all the aforementioned elements, plus the element of surprise! Ah ha!

Am I comparing a petty little unknown band to the almighty god of indie music? Yes I am, because this is just where that petty little unknown band so happens to yearn to. And it’s quite hard writing something on music that doesn’t seem to have any flaw. It’s just good! Really good, and it just is that way! And at around 40 minutes, we’ve got quite just enough of it to satiate our avid ears!

Death By Broomstick is already a must-have in a genre that often lacks creativity and novelty. There are a few soft moments, but most of the album is twitch-inducing: that’s your body telling your head that it wants to dance the fuck out of this song! The worst song for this might be “Sweater”, there’s something warm about this song. Like a sweater on a cold and rainy day!

OhBree is definitely a musical group to keep an eye on! However if you don’t you’ll probably hear them someday on the local radio, because they just seem to be gravitating towards success. Begin this by getting Death By Broomstick on the band’s page, or on our bandcamp page!

On April 16 2014, this entry was posted.