Garrett Wingfield’s Octopod – Monoliths and Sepulchres

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For full disclosure, yes, I’ve backed this project on indiegogo. Nonetheless, I think this album is a really awesome one! Monoliths and Sepulchres is the debut full-length from Denton, Texas-based experimental jazz unit The Octopod. The aptly-named Octopod features eight musicians, including three horn-blowers (correction: five). As such, their music is heavily textured and rich. The album moves from free jazz during the prelude, postlude, and interludes to composed scores in the main tracks. Consequently, the result is a highly aberrant album that’s nonetheless a more than recommended listen. Its theme is to grow progressively sillier, which is pretty blatant beginning with “Interlude [JS]”.

So, for about fifty minutes, you’re going to be thrown off of your chair, left and right, by an assault of odd rhythmics and even stranger melodies. Garrett Wingfield is a courageous person to be taming such a wild cephalopod, and yet, he succeeds completely. Therefore, Monoliths & Sepulchres gets a recommendation from me! Listen to this!

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