Obsidian Mantra – Existential Gravity

Polish band Obsidian Mantra just released its debut album, the intricate and massive Existential Gravity. Clocking in at fifty-four minutes, it demonstrates more than well enough their compositional and playing skills as musicians. The sort of progressive death metal they play is reminiscent of Florida’s RXYZYXR, but also of Montréal’s Gorguts. On the one hand, Obsidian Mantra have heavy grooves and plenty of odd-time signatures, as well as a very interesting set of uneven repetitions of motives. On the other hand, it lacks the melodic hooks found on LMNTS, in favour of exclusively harsh vocals and deeper dissonant harmonies that aren’t too far off Gorguts’ ball pit. The entire album is very even in quality, which means it’s a real treat from start to finish. The production quality is high and clean, although far from the sterilized one of many so-called “modern metal” bands. It’s got a certain grit, and that’s almost always a very personal sound that you will come to associate with a certain band. Existential Gravity is an album worthy of high praise, and I’m certain you will find something for yourself in it. Enjoy!