Numbers – Three

We usually don’t post anything that is metalcore but Numbers has some magic going on. Now to start off this review let us take a moment to recognize how great this album sounds. This is due to Aaron Smith’s excellent production work. What really stands out to me is how great the electronic backing tracks blend with the band. You can check out his site if you want to hear what else he has worked on. It also seems as Aaron Smith tracked the Rhythm Guitar parts!

Now these guys have done a great job at blending high-paced riffs with catchy synth lines and manage to break up their fast pace sections with very rich sounding acoustic piano sections. They even manage to sneak in some strings in “It’s Chilly Out” which are a GREAT touch as it is not overdone and works very well in the context.

The flow of the album is very enjoyable with the first 5 songs of the album being high-pace but taking a nice slow and calm pace in “Undertow” and the rest of the album stays in a more calm pace but goes back to the higher pace vibes for good effect.

Some sections of the album do get monotonous sadly with the riffs being too bouncy for my personal taste but I’m sure it works better in a live context with a pumped up crowd crowd. I also have seen the term jazz associated with the album and while it does explore some jazz concepts it’s not really jazz. It fits more along with the progressive label but the band does a great job at being creative in a Metalcore context which is rare.

I hope that in the future that they will take more risk in their songwriting since the ones that are taken on this album are great.

On April 8 2014, this entry was posted.