November in 248 Albums

Thursday, 1 November

Andrea Keller & Miroslav Bukovsky – The Komeda Project (contemporary jazz)
Melbourne, Australia

Car Made of Glass – Foreign Graffiti (noise metal)
Fortuna, California

Districts – Green Is Not a Creative Colour (jazz fusion, modern jazz)
Birmingham, UK
On Jazz Plus Productions

In Twilight’s Embrace – Lawa [EP] (blackened death metal)
Poznan, Poland

Monobody – Raytracing (nu jazz)
Chicago, Illinois
On Soft Greens Music

Parazit – Aural Coincidence (instrumental progressive metal)
Guadalajara, Mexico

Rhetort – Hypophora [EP] (djent)
Chania, Greece

Tasenda – Tasenda [EP] (progressive rock, indie rock)
Sydney, Australia

Toby Fox – Deltarune, Chapter 1 Original Soundtrack (chiptune, VGM)
Boston, Massachusetts

Friday, 2

Aaron Myers-Brooks – Start-End [EP] (microtonal progressive metal)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Algorithm – Compiler Optimization Techniques (synthwave, progressive metal)
Berlin, Germany

Alice’s Mirror – Through the Mirror (progressive rock)
Apulia, Italy

Amgala Temple – Invisible Airships (jazz fusion)
Oslo, Norway
On Pekula Records

Apollyon – False Light (blackened death metal)
Kelowna, British Columbia

Arsis – Visitant (technical death metal)
Virginia Beach, Virginia
On Nuclear Blast Records

Bak – Viyoga (jazz fusion)
On Eclipse Music

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Dane Rousay – Neuter [EP] (experimental jazz, solo drums)
San Antonio, Texas

Death Lab – EP2 [EP] (death metal)
Bordeaux, France

Gorepot – Asian Stoned Effect [EP] (brutal death metal)
Taipei City, Taiwan
On Brutal Mind Records

Iana – D’une extrême à l’autre: Live at Donaueschingen (avant-garde jazz)
Toulouse, France
On Freddy Morezon

Ishmael – Brittle Ivy (post-hardcore)
Brooklyn, New York

Karybdis – In the Shadow of Paradise (melodic death metal)
London, UK

Mammal Hands – Becoming [EP] (nu jazz)
Norwich, UK
On Gondwana Records

Mere – Rotti (future funk)
Boston, Massachusetts
On Business Casual

Noise Trail Immersion – Symbology of Shelter (mathcore, avant-garde death metal)
Berlin, Germany
On Moment of Collapse Records

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The Ocean – Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic (progressive metal)
Berlin, Germany
On Pelagic Records

Ottone Pesante – Apocalips (experimental black metal)
Faenza, Italy

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Piece and Empress [Split] (stoner metal, doom metal)
Canada and Germany
On Soulwrecked Records

PJ5 – I Told the Little Bird (jazz fusion, post-rock)
Paris, France
On Jazz & People

Saint Sadrill – Pierrefilant (avant-garde jazz)
Lyon, France
On Dur et Doux

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Selvans – Faunalia (atmospheric black metal)
On Avantgarde Music

شيران (Shiran) – شيران (Shiran) [EP] (world pop)
On Batov Records

Shoeg – Container (experimental electro)
Barcelona, Spain
On Orange Milk Records

Skeletonized – Heavy Wave [EP] (experimental jazz, free jazz)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Soul Grip – Not Ever (blackened post-hardcore)
Ghent, Belgium
On Consouling Sounds

Sunn Trio – فايروس (Fayrus) (experimental jazz)
Phoenix, Arizona
On Sky Lantern Records

Sylvaine – Atoms Aligned, Coming Undone (post-metal)
Oslo, Norway
On Season of Mist

Tera Melos – Treasures and Trolls [EP] (math rock)
Sacramento, California
On Sargent House

Thought Gang – Thought Gang (dark jazz)
Los Angeles, California
On Sacred Bones Records

Toska – Fire by the Silos (progressive metal, post-metal)
Brighton, UK

Totenmesse – To (atmospheric black metal)
Swiecie, Poland
On Pagan Records

Tots – El tiempo pasa más rápido en la montaña [EP] (math rock)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
On Anomalía Ediciones

U-Foes – Whiteout [EP] (experimental post-hardcore, noise rock)
Oslo, Norway
On Marw Melodee Music

Ursa – Abyss between the Stars (doom metal)
On Blood Music

Ølten – Ambiance (post-metal, sludge metal)
Canton of Jura, Switzerland
On Hummus Records

Saturday, 3

Burmese – Privileged (experimental grindcore, noise metal)
San Francisco, California
On Fuck Yoga Records

Luge – Tall Is Just a Feeling (experimental rock, noise rock)
Toronto, Ontario

Timothée Quost – Before Zero Crossing (free jazz, noise)
Copenhagen, Denmark
On Gotta Let It Out

Epochate – Chronicles of a New Era (symphonic metal, darkwave)
Rome, Italy

Oak Pantheon & Amiensus – Gathering Ⅱ [Split] (atmospheric black metal, folk metal)
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Utsav Lal – Indian Classical Music on the Piano (Indian classical)
New York, New York

Tuesday, 6

Anal Trump – The First 100 Songs [Compilation] (grindcore)
San Diego, California
On Joyful Noise Recordings

Data Pagan – Data Pagan [EP] (cybergrind, experimental hardcore)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Pixel Archipelago – Plexus [EP] (microtonal ambient electro)
Portland, Oregon

She – Drift [EP] (synthwave)

Wednesday, 7

Commander Spoon – Declining [EP] (nu jazz, jazz fusion)
Brussels, Belgium

Phenolhouse – 12 Years’ In [EP] (experimental rock)
Moscow, Russia

Respire – Memorial (an Accompaniment) (chamber music, soundtrack)
Toronto, Ontario

Thursday, 8

Charlotte Hug – Son-Icon Music: Orchestra and Choral Works (contemporary classical)
Warsaw, Poland
On Fundacja Słuchaj

Charlotte Hug & Lucas Niggli – Fulguratio: Live at Ad Libitum 2016 (avant-garde classical, folk)
Warsaw, Poland
On Fundacja Słuchaj

Doucha – Sur le fil (progressive jazz, jazz fusion)

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Fractal Cypher – Prelude to an Impending Outcome (progressive metal)
Montréal, Québec

RGG & Trevor Watts – Rafa, Live in Klub Żak Jazz Jantar 2018 (avant-garde jazz)
Warsaw, Poland
On Fundacja Słuchaj

The Silver Lake – The Silver Lake [EP] (progressive metalcore)
United States

Stereochrome – Cosmic (B-Sides) [EP] (progressive rock)
Durham, New Hampshire


Takt – Duality [EP] (progressive metal)
Osaka, Japan

Friday, 9

Anomalie – Integra [EP] (post-black metal)
Leobendorf, Austria

Architects – Holy Hell (post-hardcore)
Brighton, UK
On Epitaph Records

Axel Dörner, Agustó Fernández, and Ramon Prats – Venusik (free jazz, avant-garde jazz)
Barcelona, Spain
On Multikulti Project

Casey Golden – Atlas (modern jazz)
Sydney, Australia

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Chicago Edge Ensemble – Insidious Anthem (experimental jazz)
Chicago, Illinois
On Trost records

Cold Night for Alligators – Fervor (progressive metalcore)
Copenhagen, Denmark
On Long Branch Records

Cortez – No More Conqueror (blackened hardcore)
On Wooaaargh

Cult Leader – A Patient Man (sludge metal, hardcore)
Salt Lake City, Utah
On Deathwish

David Dominique – Mask (latin jazz, world fusion)
Los Angeles, California
On Orenda Records

Dire Peril – The Extraterrestrial Compendium (progressive power metal)
Sacramento, California

The Drowned God – Catholic (blackened post-hardcore)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
On Solid State Records

Far Corner – Risk (avant-prog, chamber rock)
Washington, D.C.
On Cuneiform Records

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Four Stroke Baron – Planet Silver Screen (alternative metal, progressive metal)
Reno, Nevada
On Prosthetic Records

François Houle, Alexander Hawkins, and Harris Heisenstadt – You Have Options (avant-garde jazz)
Canada, UK, and USA
On Songlines

Josh Sinton’s Predicate Trio – Making Bones, Taking Draughts, Bearing Unstable Millstones Pridefully, Idiotically, Prosaically (avant-garde jazz)
On Iluso Records

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Khoalesce – Khoalesce (modern jazz)
London, UK

Lawful Citizen – Internal Combustion (jazz fusion)
Montréal, Québec

Louis de Mieulle & Matt Garstka – Outside the Square (progressive rock, electro-jazz)
New York, New York

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Maisha – There Is a Place (spiritual jazz)
London, UK
On Brownswood Recordings

Myopic – Myopic (progressive metal, post-metal)
Washington, D.C.
On Grimoire Records

Nova Prospect – Jövő kilátással (progressive metalcore)
Kecskemét, Hungary
On EDGE Records (HMR Music Kft.)

Psycroptic – As the Kingdom Drowns (death metal)
Hobart, Australia
On Prosthetic Records

Rikard Sjöblom’s Gungfly – Friendship (progressive rock)
On Insideout Records

Shubh Saran – H.A.D.D. [EP] (jazz fusion)
New York, New York

Le Singe Blanc – Arrebato (post-punk, psychedelic rock)
Metz, France
On La Face Cachée

Sound Underground – Power of Three (avant-garde jazz, chamber music)
New York, New York

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Their Dogs Were Astronauts – Occult Theories [EP] (djent)
Vienna, Austria

Thomas Giles – Don’t Touch the Outside (progressive metal)
North Carolina
On Sumerian Records

Thoren – Gwarth I [EP] (avant-garde death metal)
Sterling Heights, Michigan
On Drylands Records

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Vessel – Queen of Golden Dogs (experimental electro, chamber music)
Bristol, UK
On Tri Angle Records

Saturday, 10

All Cats Are Beautiful – A/C/A/B #2 [EP] (indie pop)
London, UK
On Fu Inle Records

Bastila – Genera [EP] (progressive metalcore)
Toronto, Ontario

Emika – Falling in Love with Sadness (ambient electronic, darkwave)
On Emika Records

He Was Eaten by Owls – Inchoate with the Light Go I [EP] (contemporary classical, progressive rock)
London, UK
On Fu Inle Records

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Simon Nabatov, Barry Guy, and Gerry Hemingway – Luminous (avant-garde jazz)
On NoBusiness Records

Sunday, 11

The Big Jazz Duo – Scion Soothsayer [EP] (symphonic deathcore)
Alessandria, Italy

Christopher Hoffman – Multifariam (experimental jazz, jazz fusion)
Brooklyn, New York
On Asclepius Records

Dogcock – Dogcock [EP] (grindcore, noisegrind)
Hamilton, New Zealand

Frank Macchia and Brock Avery – Rhythm Kaleidoscope (jazz fusion, progressive rock)
Los Angeles, California

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i.o – )]))])I])])I)])((]((o(]((](o [EP] (free jazz, experimental mathcore)
Victoria, British Columbia

Jackie Frank Russell Ⅲ – Hyperdoom: Lydia (progressive power metal)
Elmhurst, Illinois

Suess – 10 der großten Schlagerhits aller Zeiten (avant-folk)
Drachenbronn Birlenbach, France

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Husa Toledo – Statera [EP] (progressive metal)
Piracicaba, Brazil

Duirvir – Endless Graves, Endless Memories [EP] (progressive blackened doom metal)
Palmanova, Italy

Europa – Small Steps (progressive rock)
Orlando, Florida

Irrita – Sequences of the Void (progressive deathcore)
Saint Petersburg, Russia

Portland Jazz Composers’ Ensemble – From Maxville to Vanport (experimental jazz)
Portland, Oregon
On PJCE Records

Rïga – Reganèl [EP] (atmospheric electro)
Alençon, France

Scorched Moon – Prologue [EP] (progressive metal)
Atlanta, Georgia

Wednesday, 14

大象體操 (Tōa-chhiūⁿ thé-chhau) / Elephant Gym – 水底 (Súi-tái) / Underwater (math rock)
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
On Words Recordings

Flying Disk – Urgency [EP] (alternative rock, noise rock)
Fossano, Italy
On Edisonbox Records

Kévin Neiter – Memories of a Skyfall, Act I: Contact with Another Depiction (progressive metal)
Strasbourg, France

Lori Goldston with Aidan Baker & Andrea Belfi – The Passion of Joan of Arc: A Score Inspired by the Carl Theodor Dreyer’s Legendary 1928 Silent Film (soundtrack)
Berlin, Germany
On Broken Spine Productions

Mnmm – Minimum (post-rock, world music)
Melbourne, Australia
On Art as Catharsis

Sir. Fennek – Monsters in My Closet [EP] (post-rock, dream pop)
Tokyo, Japan

Sunstare – Eroded [EP] (blackened sludge metal)
Lille, France

Thursday, 15

Calvaire – Je me souviens [EP] (black metal)

A God or an Other – Chaotic Symbiosis (blackened post-metal)
Olympia, Washington

Oscob – Junkie (breakcore, experimental electro)
On H.V.R.F. Central Command

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Overhead – Haydenspark (progressive rock)
Helsinki, Finland
On Just for Kicks Music

Roger Rota – Octo (jazz fusion)
On Aut Records

Friday, 16

All Traps on Earth – A Drop of Light (progressive rock)
Stockholm, Sweden
On AMS Records

ASH Trio – Formas (experimental jazz)

August Burns Red – Winter Wilderness [EP] (folk metalcore)
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
On Fearless Records

Azure – Redtail [EP] (progressive rock)
Brighton, UK

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Azusa – Heavy Yoke (post-hardcore, mathcore)
On Solid State Records

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Baring Teeth – Transitive Savagery (death metal)
Dallas, Texas
On Translation Loss Records

Bonnie Baxter – Ask Me How Satan Started (experimental electro, noise)
Chicago, Illinois
On Hausu Mountain Records

Brûlé Vif – From Anger to Despair [EP] (powerviolence)
Le Havre, France

Charlotte Light and Dark – Postcards from Anhedonia (post-hardcore, mathcore)

Circuitry – Untouched by Human Hands (progressive metalcore)
Long Branch, New Jersey

Cordâme – Debussy Impressions (nu jazz, jazz fusion)
Montréal, Québec

Divine Ascension – The Uncovering (progressive power metal)
Melbourne, Australia
On Vicisolum Productions

Elizabeth Shepherd – Montréal (vocal jazz, neo-soul)
Montréal, Québec

Fawn Limbs – Languor [EP] (grindcore, mathcore)
On Drylands Records

Fes – Lunar [EP] (math rock, pop)
Peterborough, UK

The Great Sabatini – Goodbye Audio (sludge metal, noise rock)
Montréal, Québec
On No List Records

Hamar Trio – Yesterday Is Here (avant-garde jazz)
Norway and Portugal
On Clean Feed

Hollow Crown and Pentagrvm – Re: Bitter Not Broken [EP] (experimental hardcore, trip-hop)
Los Angeles, California

Ingrid Laubrock – Contemporary Chaos Practices: Two Works for Orchestra with Soloists (contemporary classical)
New York, New York
On Intakt Records

Its Teeth – Lake Clarity Original Soundtrack [2-disc] (post-rock)
Denver, Colorado
On Cult Kids

Johnny Goth and Molly Drag [Split] (indie folk, slowcore)
USA and Canada
On Mutant League Records

Killbody Tuning – Pictorial (post-metal)
La Chaux De Fonds, Switzerland
On Hummus Records

The Korea – Calypso, Act Ⅱ (progressive metalcore)
On Polygon Records

Lese Majesty – Patterns & Signals [EP] (alternative progressive rock)
Sydney, Australia

Lithium Dawn – Gravity Waves (progressive metal)
Washington, D.C.

Poiro – Poiro [EP] (grindcore, mathcore)
Lille, France

Poline Renou, Matthieu Donarier, and Sylvain Lemêtre – Adieu mes très belles (experimental jazz, chamber music)
On Yolk Records

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Portrayal of Guilt – Let Pain Be Your Guide [EP] (post-hardcore)
On Holy Roar Records

Psychoneurosis – The Fall of Humanity [EP] (grindcore)
On Selfmadegod Records

Ryan Albert Miller – Atrophy Torque Fly (experimental jazz fusion)
Yellow Springs, Ohio
On Ambition Sound

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Scarsic – Sacred Ocean (progressive metal)
Pequannock, New Jersey

Shattered Skies – Muted Neon (progressive metal)
England, UK

Sigh – 絶望を受け継ぐもの (Zetsubō o uketsugu mono) / Heir to Despair (avant-garde black metal)
Tokyo, Japan
On Spinefarm Records

Sunless Dawn – Timeweaver (progressive blackened death metal)
Copenhagen, Denmark
On Prime Collective

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Tangent – Proxy (progressive rock)
London, UK
On Insideout Records

Trollwar – Oath of the Storm (folk metal, blackened death metal)
Alma, Québec

Wet Electric – Wet Electricity, Vol. I (avant-garde jazz)
New York, New York

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山童 (Yama Warashi) – Boiled Moon (world fusion)
Bristol, UK
On Worlds within Worlds

Saturday, 17

Artem Dolotov – Sound Images [EP] (progressive metal, djent)
Penza, Russia

Awes – Demo [EP] (experimental math rock, noise rock)
Berlin, Germany

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The Last Great American Rock Band – TLGARB (math rock, progressive rock)
Denton, Texas

Salqiu – The Blackness Within (experimental blackened death metal)
Quinta Do Conde, Portugal

Sœur – Fight [EP] (post-punk)
Bristol, UK

Sunday, 18

Fuck Shop – Bubblegum Grind [EP] (deathgrind)
Enschede, The Netherlands

i.o – By the Dark // Inhabited (free jazz, noise)
Victoria, British Columbia

John Zorn – Salem, 1692 (avant-garde jazz)
New York, New York
On Tzadik

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Label page

פנחס ובניו (ההרכב של עופר פנחס) (P̄nḥs Wḇnyw (Hhrḵḇ Šl ʿwp̄r P̄nḥs)) – מדובר באלבום (Mḏwḇr ḇʾlḇwm) (world fusion)

Kodos – Kodos [EP] (emoviolence, grindcore)
Derby, UK
On Middle-Man Records

迷魂殿 (Mí hún diàn) – 李有才的一天 (Lǐyǒucái de yītiān) [EP] (post-rock)

Tuesday, 20

Christian Molenaar & Noah Souza – Unearthing Souls without a License (avant-garde jazz)
On Potentially Kinetic Records

Fabric – Apes (free jazz, experimental jazz)
Melbourne, Australia

Fief – IV [EP] (medieval folk, soundtrack)
Salt Lake City, Utah

Mauvais and Wraith [Split] (deathcore)

Talweg – Au crible du crier s’épellent les arbres morts (experimental black metal)
Saint Jeannet, France
On Up against the Wall, Motherfuckers!

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Wednesday, 21

Breiner, Cirelli, Farkas, and Rappa – Master of the Worm Eaten Skull (experimental jazz)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

いくいどき (Ikui Doki) – いくいどき(Ikui Doki) (avant-garde jazz)
Montreuil, France
On Ayler Records

Inertia – Teratoma (technical death metal, progressive deathcore)
Buffalo, New York

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Martín Escalante & Weasel Walter – Lacerate (avant-garde jazz)
New York, New York

Sheep Effect – Saxual Harassment [EP] (experimental jazz)
Vilnius, Lithuania

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Takashi Sugawa Trio – Outgrowing (experimental jazz, free jazz)
Tokyo, Japan
On Song X Jazz Inc.

Tenchio – Bedroom Chaos of the Inner Noodle [EP] (math rock)
Paysandú, Uruguay

Vantana Row – Bipolarfairy [EP] (crustwave)
Oakland, California

Waterlife – Waterlife [EP] (progressive metal)
Cicero, Illinois

Friday, 23

AACKR – AACKRRKCAA [EP] (post-rock, noise rock)
Cologne, Germany

Andrés – Heroes, Villains, and All That Jazz (jazz pop)
Bakersfield, California

Foudre! – 神 (Kami) (drone, post-metal)
On Gizeh Records

Grindfeld – 5 Songs about Nothing [EP] (deathgrind)
New York, New York

Nature Morte – NM1 (atmospheric black metal, blackgaze)
Paris, France

Niechęć – Live at Jazz Club Hipnoza (jazz fusion, nu jazz)
Warszawa, Poland

Plagues – I [EP] (hardcore, powerviolence)

Planet B – Planet B (experimental rock)
United States
On Ipecac Recordings

Roine Stolt’s The Flower King – Manifesto of an Alchemist (progressive rock, neo-prog)
On Insideout Records

Saint Apostate – Spira mirabilis (progressive post-metal)

Skizma – Anthrovoid (progressive metal)

22 – You Are Creating: Limb2 (progressive rock)
Trondheim, Norway
On Long Branch Records

Unreqvited – Mosaic I: L’amour et l’ardeur (atmospheric black metal, post-black metal)

Utopianisti – Utopianisti (Remastered) [Rerelease] (jazz fusion, progressive rock)
Tampere, Finland

Zapruder – Zapruder (mathcore, post-hardcore)
Poitiers, France
On Apathia Records

沼澤 (Zhǎozé) – 爭鳴 (Zhēngmíng) / Birds Contending (post-rock, folk)
Guangzhou, China

Saturday, 24

i.o – Cryptic History (experimental jazz, free jazz)
Victoria, British Columbia

Klein – Klein (modern jazz, electro-jazz)
Brussel, Belgium

Melopœia – The Entire “Bee Movie” Script Turned Into Music [2-disc] (experimental)
Montréal, Québec

Soul Cycle – Soul Cycle Ⅲ (progressive metal)
Savannah, Georgia

Sunday, 25

Second to Sun – The Walk (blackened death metal)

Monday, 26

Jared Burrows, Clyde Reed, and Joe Sorbara – Reliable Parts (avant-garde jazz, free jazz)
Vancouver, British Columbia
On Oval Window Records

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Mugxtsu – The Awakxning [EP] (experimental hardcore, trip-hop)
Montréal, Québec

Nadja & Vampillia – Artifical Act of God (atmospheric doom metal, drone)
Berlin, Germany

Christian Molenaar, Noah Souza, and Lucas Broyles – Mandir (experimental jazz, noise)
On Potentially Kinetic Records

Sheen Marina – Great Attractor [EP] (experimental rock, progressive rock)
Brooklyn, New York

Seajeff – Magenta (chiptune, metal, retrowave, jazz fusion)

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Terzo – A Comedy of Failures [EP] (jazz fusion, folk)
New York

Well-Kept Gardens Die by Pacifism – Afore [EP] (experimental post-metal)
Saint Petersburg, Russia

Wednesday, 28

Cóndor – El valle del cóndor (atmospheric black metal)
Bogotá, Colombia
On La Caverna Records

Luis Ake – Ego [EP] (synth pop)
Stuttgart, Germany
On 76666

Ted Byrnes – Materialism [EP] (musique concrète)
Los Angeles, California
On Hard Angle

Wilt – The Red Book (A Tribute to Carl Jung) (noise, dark ambient)

Thursday, 29

Den Infernalske Dans – Elementer [EP] (progressive metal, jazz fusion)
Adelaide, Australia

Vantana Row – Nan & Sidney [EP] (crustwave)
Oakland, California

Friday, 30

Anguish – Anguish (experimental hip-hop, jazz fusion)
United States
On Rarenoise Records

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Benjamin Schaefer – Hive Mind (big band, modern jazz)
Hamburg, Germany
On For the Records

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Cantique Lépreux – Paysages polaires (black metal)
Québec City, Québec
On Eisenwald

Echo Chamber – Antinodal [EP] (avant-garde jazz, electro-jazz)
Berlin, Germany
On Aut Records

Ex:Re – Ex:Re (indie pop)
London, UK
On Glassnote

Fayne – Journals (progressive metalcore)
Montréal, Québec

Grant the Sun – Simmar ur bild [EP] (progressive metal, post-hardcore)
Oslo, Norway
On Mas-Kina Recordings

Isaac Otto – Antiviscera (avant-garde jazz, free jazz)
Oakland, California

K15 and Kamaal Williams – Catch the Loop 1 [Split] (jazz fusion)
London, UK
On Black Focus Records

Kenosis – Consecrationem [Rerelease] (black metal)
On Prosthetic Records

Leo Suarez – Marbles on Tile (free jazz)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Matteo di Cosmo – Synthworks [EP] (experimental electro)
Geneva, Switzerland

Milanku – Monument du non-être & mouvement du non-vivant (post-metal, sludge metal)
Montréal, Québec

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Misotheist – Misotheist (atmospheric black metal)
Trondheim, Norway
On Terratur Possessions

Mula and Poil – Mulapoil [Split] (avant-prog)
Colombia and France
On Dur et Doux

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Nachtmystium – Resilient [EP] (psychedelic black metal)
On Prophecy Productions

Nyu. – Flux [EP] (nu prog)
Newcastle, Australia

The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra – Naming & Blaming (world fusion)
Melbourne, Australia
On Hopestreet Recordings

Sarah Longfield – Disparity [EP] (progressive metal, synthwave)
On Season of Mist

Trojka – Nattevakt [EP] (progressive rock, pop)
Bergen, Norway
On Apollon Records Prog

Windrunner – Mai (progressive metalcore, djent)
Hanoi, Vietnam
On Famined Records

Zela Margossian Quintet – Transition (ethno-jazz)
Sydney, Australia
On Art as Catharsis

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Zézette – Zézette (avant-prog, experimental metal)
Caen, France
On L’Étourneur

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