News: Vod’s New Album Teaser!

Vod (a solo project by our other co-creator) has just released a teaser for an 80 min album he plans to released on Feb 17! Here is the write up:

ᑑᕐᖓᐃᑦ (Tuurngait, meaning ghost) is an album about winter, the snow, the night, isolation, and the cold. This album is 80 minutes long, the most we can fit on a CD. 1 hour and 20 minutes of riffs being built, atmospheres rising and then falling back, polyrhythms and off-time signatures. All played on bass guitar, with drums and vocals. Loads of bass and sub-bass frequencies, and lot of droning and good riffing.

Here is the video teaser!

On January 23 2015, this entry was posted.