News: Sumerian Records trying to make a quick buck with their Band contest?

So, there’s this whole The Road To The Sphinx band contest where the best bands, chosen by Sumerian, of course, would get signed to the label. Seems like a great thing, eh? Well, Numbers actually won this contest, along with three or four other bands, and so Kyle Bishop made a small interview and decided to tell everything that happened to them. Listen to the video below, uncovering the shady Sphinx’s works. But here’s a short resume.

-Numbers won.
-They cannot announce that they’ve won unless they sign a contract.
-Said contract is non-negociable.
-Said contract says that Sumerian own the band, their name, all their previous and upcoming works.
-Said contract says that Sumerian decides who’s in the band, and have the final word on the band’s upcoming music.
-Sumerian controls everything about the band, basically.
-Numbers didn’t sign and walked away (understandably.
-Sumerian sucks (money)!

Here’s the full video. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Sumerian issued a response, and HBIH covered it pretty well so… read on, and make your own opinion out of that!