News: Peculate is now a mainstream band

Yes, Peculate has officially sold out and has turned his back on his obscure minions, in order to embrace the deceiving light of the mainstream media!

In fact, the story we reported about Sunday apparently went viral, for some… reason? I’m truly clueless about what that reason might be, but Metalunderground, Billboard, and Yahoo music (who refer to Ben as the “metal dude”), caught on the story and reported on it… It sure is pretty slow news-wise, these times, but hey…

In fact, that’s pretty cool news for Peculate. I guess that, among the millions of teenagers reading these websites, there are 2 or 3 who will dig the band’s music! And that’ll be a significant increase in their number of fans!

As for our This Sick Beat™ compilation, we are still accepting your submissions until February 28! Click here to read in more detail if you’re interested in participating!

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On February 3 2015, this entry was posted.