Monthly Recommendations: September 2018

Andrew Bernstein – An Exploded View of Time

To the neophyte, a simple saxophone can hardly stand on its own, musically speaking. To the virtuoso, however, nothing is out of reach for that metal cylindre. To the beholder, only beauty can be found.

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Doom Shrugs – The Clairolfactant and the Flatulent Ghost

With its dissonances, rhythmic caprices, and overall eccentric character you can already appreciate the unique fragrance of the group.

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Five Pound Pocket Universe – Brain Bubble Party

There are very few musical territories left untouched by the quill of Michel and Five Pound Pocket Universe. And yet, despite the range of ideas touched upon and barely exploited—it’s more like taking a sip from every freshwater source than drilling one until it’s dry—it never sounds stale or shallow.

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Vak – Budo

Surprises, evocative harmonic and melodic choices, and rhythmic complexities… Vak achieves them all quite convincingly and in a most enjoyable manner on Budo. No fan of progressive rock or avant-prog should leave this release behind.

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Not Music Release

Potmos Hetoimos – Vox Medusae

Honourable Mentions

Bangladeafy – Ribboncutter

Bave – The Gosh of Hellfire

Bokanté and Metropole Orkest – What Heat

Devin Drobka’s Bell Dance Songs – Amaranth

Iden Gakusha – Geisha

Kendall Burks – Waves

Kurushimi – What Is Chaos?

Malthusian – Across Deaths

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