Monthly Recommendations: October 2016


Here’s what we think are the best releases of October! As always, it’s a very difficult choice, as there are many other very worthwhile releases, so I would suggest going back to read some of our mini-review sets!

‘Car Bomb‘s Meta is a whole new level of terrorism. From their 2007 debut, Centralia, the band kept digging deeper and deeper into the realms of philosophy and mathematics (as showcased in w^w^^w^w) and applying them as compositional tools. I don’t need to tell you how relieved I am to see that this trend is continued in their latest attack. Their undecipherable rhythms are way beyond us mortals’ comprehension capabilities, but we can still safely enjoy what we don’t understand and marvel at this bewildering music.’
Mini-Review XXVI
‘Nothing I write about this album can explain it better than the band themselves, as their bandcamp page states: “This collection of sound to us is about finding regularity amongst irregularity, distinguishing harmony in discord, hearing silence filtered in static, and experiencing the cohesiveness that exists within deviations. It is in direct correlation to how our lives has transpired over time: continually deviating from predisposition while still exposing random junctures that begin to materialize as less arbitrary to when they were first encountered.”

Deviations is a perfect instrumental prog album’
Deviations review.
‘öOoOoOoOoOo’s upcoming album is even better than anyone could have expected, which is no small feat! At over 45 minutes, it serves a good deal of entertainment and leaves you satisfied with the course. The twelve songs are quite diverse, interesting, and viscerally enjoyable. If you’re already a fan of whacky rock and metal artists like Mr. Bungle and Diablo Swing Orchestra, Samen is an album you will have to add to your collection. If not, we’re confident you’ll fall under its charm instantly.’
Samen review on Heavy Blog Is Heavy.
‘Here’s a thing I’ve been awaiting eagerly: Ḥashshāshīn‘s debut album, nīhsāhshsaḤ. The Australian experimental progressive drone trio, led by a bouzouki (!), crafts wonderful melodies and Eastern European atmospheres that also can infringe on Middle-Eastern territory. It oddly reminds me of Spectral Lore’s Gnosis EP at times, which is great by the way, and the compositions truly have a Turkish or Persian vibe to it, thanks in parts to carefully-chosen scales, but also to the peculiar timbre of the lead instrument. Songs like “The Ascetic” let the prog side shine, while “Levitation” is almost pure drone / post-metal, but there is always some portion of each throughout the record. It’s an amazing album, and I recommend you pre-order it now (for $1) or wait for its release to get it on a pay what you want basis.’
Mini-Review XIX

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