Monthly Recommendations: May 2016

Here’s the best, the best, the best, the best of Mayyy.

“Both discs of this album are fantastic, and get better with each listen. For an Instrumental album, Set Course For Andromeda is full of substance, without a need for vocals. If the rest of Sithu Aye’s discography is close to the level of quality of this album, then I’m in for a treat. Do yourself a favor and do not pass this one by.”
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“Projects II is Travis Orbin‘s third solo EP, and is somewhat a sequel to 2014’s Projects. This really is mathematical metal, but I’ve already said that about the first one. In short, if you want something that will make you think and calculate how the rhythms therein can go together, it’s the thing for you.”

Bent Knee’s most recent release ‘Say So’ is one of the most interesting and entertaining rock releases of 2016 so far. Each member plays their part in showing off the band’s overall versatility and creativity, with vocalist Courtney Swain remaining a one-of-a-kind talent and bringing the concoction of great songwriting and performance to a stunning climax.

“It really is over the top in terms of musician display, and it also has many great guest spots. Surely something you’ll want to be listening to.”
It’s most probably the finest tech-death album of the year. Sung in French in its entirety, with fretless bass as well as a fretted one depending on the song, and with one in particular boasting fifteen consecutive solos (!), we can safely say it’s the best tech-death of the month.

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  1. SegaGenitals says:

    First Fragment is alright. The production value is pretty great, but this sort of wonky tech-death aesthetic leaves me cold these days.