Monthly Recommendations: June 2016


If you haven’t listened to these albums yet, you suck! But, here’s your chance for redemption. Those are the absolute best four albums that came out in June. It was really tough to choose them, as so many great releases happened during the month!

“Invention of Knowledge is a wonderful album that showcases the talent of two legends, coming together for the first time and merging two significant eras of Progressive Rock. The influence by both Stolt and Anderson’s previous works are apparent, but the blending of them is perfect. The vinyl edition of this album is something I’ll be proud to place next to my classic Yes albums.”
Full review and video here.

Jute Gyte raised the mark yet again with their new album, Perdurance: multiple polyrhythms and polymetres, quarter-tonal compositions, and the overall merger of their experimental electronic and black metal worlds. Ship of Theseus was their craziest album, last year, but Perdurance definitely outshines it!

Little Tybee created an incommensurably charming album. For Distant Viewing and Humorous to Bees were good in their own rights, but their self-titled release is simply a home run! The supreme talents of Josh Martin on guitar are the centre of attention but everything is well-balanced on the album: the soft vocals, the strings, the keyboards, and the acoustic guitars all get their deserved spot, but the clean eight-string guitar of Josh is used and abused by his innovative tapping techniques and out-of-this-world musicianship. That’s a stellar album for both guitar aficionados and folk indie rock enjoyers.

Lastly, Mid Atlantic Title‘s Sonic Bloom is an outstanding math rock and jazz influenced instrumental progressive rock album. Dillon will talk in more depth of this band in his upcoming review for it, but prepare yourself in advance and go listen to it right away!

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