Monthly Recommendations: December 2015


Here are our last picks of the year! Even though December – as always – was a fairly slow month in music, we’ve managed to find four gems that you need to hear!

First up is Codas‘s Fossils EP. It’s a delicately crafted triptych blending various experimental genres with post and math metal. It’s a pretty long EP, at more than 25 minutes, and it’s a segue between the band’s first album, Currents, which is also technically an EP, and their upcoming full-length in 2016.

covet have released a very potent EP that will be the grounds to even better material in the future, I’m sure of this. As it is, it’s still a wonderful, chill yet technical, math rock album that you won’t want to miss. Click here to read the full review.

Awaited more than the second coming of the Christ, Sikth‘s new EP Opacities impressed some and disappointed some, but in the end, it sounds as Sikth as ever, and it’s still delicious music.

Finally, here’s Ära Krâ, the new project from Filip Hantusch, ex-guitarist of War from a Harlot’s Mouth. It’s in the realm blackened post-hardcore, which has been a personal treat lately with other bands such as Déluge or VI, and the only flaw I can point on this release is that it’s too short! We want more!

So that’s it for 2015. Stay tuned because we’ll soon put together and publish our albums of the year list(s)!

On December 31 2015, this entry was posted.