Monthly Recommendations: April 2017

Montréal polyrhythmic deconstructors Bisbâyé have slowly uploaded the songs that now make up Synkronyk since December, and the final result is finally here! They’re the only band I know where I consider having two drummers is a necessity. Their left-right rhythmic eccentricities develop to even more monstrous depths, on this new forty-minute metal slab. Most often, one guitar is tied to one drummer and the two are panned on one side or the other, with the sole bassist doing twice the work to keep up with both timings at once. This creates quasibinaural beats that have a strong power of entrancement upon the puny listener’s brain. Listen at your own risks.

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The Kraken Quartet is a peculiar group from Texas. Basically, it’s an electropercussive group, with a bunch of metallophones, bells, drums, keyboards, and some other stuff as well. Going seamlessly into post-rock, progressive rock, math rock, and electro-jazz, the quartet grabs you with the gentlest inescapable clutch there is. This is unique and truly great, and you should watch their session on Audiotree Live right away!

Mini-Reviews LXXXII

Space-grind is here. Psudoku is to tech-death and grindcore what Gigan is to death metal. Their newest arrival, Deep Space Psudokument, is psychedelic, over-the-top in more than one manner, and absurdly good, twisting the genre its based upon to barely recognizable extremes. Norway’s best kept secret is this, an eccentric and mad EP from the future. With a heavy-handed use of synths, inhuman tempos, and boundless imagination, let Psudoku open the doors to transhumanism. Seriously, this is a mandatory album to listen to!

Mini-Reviews LXXXI

Yowie’s Synchromysticism is the continuation of the band’s manifesto of pushing music into new territories. It builds upon the two anterior releases by its apparent madness and peculiar musicality, and adds a much-needed instrument to complete the overall sound of the group. As a whole, Cryptomysticism, as well as Cryptooology and Damning with Faint Praise, should find itself in the music libraries of all those who like a healthy dose of experimental in their rock, and the many of you who know and love the band Hella, among others.

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