Monthly Recommendations: April 2016

What’s the best to come to our attention last month? Let’s see…
Bird Poop might sound a bit rough around the edges, but the story behind Bird Caravan‘s debut album is very interesting. The entirety of the album was recorded in one take with the whole band. The result is this crazy, improvisation-filled experimental math rock album that sounds a bit like CHON meets Omniataxia. The whole recording session is in a video on the band’s facebook page, so check this out!
After their wildly-praised debut album, the Polish band Niechęć comes back with their sophomore, self-titled album. Although, at first listen, I don’t think it’s quite on the same level as “Śmierć w miękkim futerku”, Niechęć is still a fantastic experimental jazz album. I really recommend this one to any fan of experimental jazz and jazzy metal or rock.
Every part of Triangle is excellent, from the progressive black metal of “The Process of Dying” to the ambient and Worldesque “The Supernal Clear Light of the Void”, betwixt which lays “Metaflesh”, bridging the two realms with its atmospheric avant-garde black metal.
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Oh, The Mercury Tree… I’ve known then since their previous album, Countenance, but Permutations is nothing you should overlook. Through the years, they’ve developed their personal brand of progressive, avant-garde, art rock that is still unique and true to them. Their compositions are detailed and carefully crafted while keeping a good amount of musicianship on display, emotional delivery, and – at times – memorable melodies!

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