Mini-Reviews XXXVI

Pelicrane, the monstrous hybrid bird, which happens to play some experimental math rock, just released goin2church. First off, it has strong Yowie and Doom Salad vibes, which is something I can totally swallow. There might also be some Hella somewhere in there. The thirty-three minute album consists of ten tracks of harsh instrumental math rock that is challenging and interesting.
What I dislike about Indian band Orchid is their production. Their compositions are pretty good, but the vocal emphasis is way too strong, and spoils the overall experience. However, if you can put that aside for a minute – or twenty-one -, you’ll find a diamond in the rough with their original take on math metal.
It’s been a while since I’ve had such tasty chiptune fusion! I believe last time was involving C-Jeff, either the solo project or with Teleidofusion. Gridlock‘s debut, The Cosmic Web, is a modern-sounding MIDI-based jazz fusion album, and it’s both comforting and unique. One of the highlights of the year!
Montreal’s instrumental technical death metal band Teramobil just released Magnitude of Thoughts in full streaming on their bandcamp page, and it’s set to be officially out on December sixth. As with Multispectral Supercontinuum, brace yourselves for a massive aural assault with each musician doing their absolute best to destabilize and impress you. Sure, there are more technical or challenging albums out there, but this one’s very enjoyable.
Note: this is a stream of their 2015 demo, not the one I’m reviewing here.
The Hanged Man, out in March 2017, is a ten-minute, five-track experience from Louisville’s experimental hardcore band Pissed On. Despite its almost shocking shortness, the tracks on display are brutal and to the point. There’s a healthy dose of death metal influences in their hardcore punk sound, which makes for some interesting passages.
Six Flying Whales is an Indian electro-math band from the drummer of math rock band Stuck in November. It’s a great mini-album that will bring flavours of hip-hop, jazz, and math rock to your mind. It’s made with plunderphonics and live drums, and claims to be a soundtrack to the deep sea. Enjoy!
Ukraine’s alternative rock band Septa just released Sounds Like Murder. I don’t know what happened, but I really enjoyed their 2014 Destroyer, whereas this one does not resonate with me at all. They clearly moved from a more experimental, mathy post-hardcore sound to a more generic style. Sadly, I can only recommend their previous releases.
Djenty riffs, post-hardcore-ish chords, both harsh and melodic vocals… Yes, The World Over sounds pretty generic, offers nothing new, and doesn’t inspire much with the five compositions on Mountain. Listen to this if you’re really curious only.

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