Laudare – d.é.o.m.é.

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Life is a neverending game of catchup, recently demonstrated with Ryorchestra‘s overdue review, and today is Laudare‘s turn. d.é.o.m.é. was released in July and completely flew under my radar. The reason being that the band’s main music genre on bandcamp is “alternative”, a category I seldom if ever survey. I think it would do the band a great favour to change this to “metal”, and then complete with appropriate genre tags. But, in the end, the album has found its way to my ears, and I’m glad it did, because it’s phantastic.

The German trio have a more poetic, romantic approach to black metal and post-hardcore, somewhat akin to what French band Chaos Echœs are doing. This means that their music is an artistic reflection of thoughts and words, and they go along together perfectly: with grace and emotion. It’s worth mentioning that the texts are of great worth; I’m just going to select one passage I like as an example:

That ever flows, and ever grows
Owes and bestows
“We think in eternity but we move slowly through time”
One and another one after the other
“Pleasure for the beautiful bodies, pain for the beautiful souls”

Isn’t that well said? Similarly, the rest of the lyrics and even the musical compositions display the same degree of care and attention as these few lines. The poetry is even more evident on spoken parts, like on the closing track “Nadir”. Obviously, the beauty of the music is evident all throughout the record.

d.é.o.m.é. is a brilliant and poignant album. With mature poetry, it embellishes its musical purpose, and guides it elegantly to create unorthodox but lyrical compositions that resonate with itself. A sensible, harsh album on which you would only regretfully miss out.

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