Kevin Suter – Pathways

Warp Prism’s guitarist Kevin Suter is releasing a so-called small EP that is in fact longer than some albums, at just under 30 minutes. This is a first good news! Another one being that it’s absolutely fantastic and a great listen.

Tagged only as “experimental metal”, I’d prefer the designation “instrumental progressive metal”, as I think it’s more representative of the work here. A nice mix of heavy prog, ambient elements, and a djent touch makes for an interesting album to listen – one that will let itself be listened as naturally as wine be drunk.

The riffs are rhythmic and immensely heavy, yet don’t crush your ears, and leave some space for the other important elements of the album: the melody and the atmosphere.

Finally Pathways is a strong, long EP, that will give Warp Prism fans something to chew on while we wait for the next album that should come later this year. Moreover, all the profits generated with this EP will serve as additional funding for the new WP so you know your money is in good hands! This is more than worth it!

On April 26 2014, this entry was posted.