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You really can’t go wrong when you combine musicians from bands such as Marena Whitcher’s Shady Midnight Orchestra, Sha’s Feckel, and Sekhmet! The result of this heavenmade match is Kali, and their debut album, Riot. Diving straight into that hot new trend of playing polyrhythmic post-rock-influenced modern jazz, they lose no time and open up the ball with “Trope”, a ten-minute slow burner that immediately shows their colours. I’d put Riot somewhere between the more math rock Schnellertollermeier and the jazzier Ikarus, although all three play in a similar field.

The album is generally very soft and contemplative. Loher’s piano is often in the higher range, but keeps a pulse on the bass side of the spectrum, Müller on guitar rather plays long notes full of effects to create a strong atmosphere, and Stocker’s drums often use all sorts of rim hits and various interesting cymbals. Riot is a cathartic experience, and a journey for the mind.

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