John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble – All Can Work

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Twenty-one. That’s how many people play in this so-called “large ensemble”. This jazz orchestra is noticeable in many regards, but the most important of which is their musical output. All Can Work came out on January 26, and it represents over an hour of amazingly well put together modern jazz compositions that often remind me of some of the best prog rock out there. I’ve got to say this might be due to Theo Bleckmann’s voice, which is perhaps the most reassuring thing in this quite avant-garde environment. While the aim of the work here is definitely not to derange the listener, it’s a welcome side-effect to its greater goal: striving for a fresh sound. This album in particular is an homage to Laurie Frink, a New York music teacher who inspired many. It’s not hard to find the beauty and the solemnity in All Can Work. This is truly a marvellous piece of modern jazz for big band!

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