Identikit, Ni, Dali Mráz, Steph Richards, Eli Wallace, and Uboa

Identikit – Mind’s Eye Meteorology

The Atlanta sextet Identikit is looking to release its new album—titled Mind’s Eye Meteorology—on March first. The forty-minute effort showcases the band’s fusion of jazz and progressive rock. As you can hear with this single, “Horizons”, Identikit moves fluidly back and forth between light and dark, soft and harsh, and, in general, conveys a very expressive message. Be sure to keep an eye out for when the album drops!

Ni – Pantophobie (Dur et doux)

It is without surprise that you read my words about Ni‘s upcoming release. One of my favourite bands has concocted their next musical onslaught, and it’s truly outstanding. While darker in tones than their latest—Les insurgés de RomillyPantophobie keeps the core of what makes Ni Ni: complex rhythmic ideas—from odd-time metres to multiple polyrhythms—a forward-thinking view of structure and melody, and a certain propensity for harsh sounds. Out on the first of March via Dur et doux, Pantophobie is sure to derail more than one train of thought. If you can’t wait for it, be sure to listen to their last album and their collaborative effort, Piniol.

Dali Mráz – Level 25

The crowdfunded album of Czech drummer Dalibor Mráz, Level 25, has finally come out—at least for those who contributed to the campaign—after many a delay along the way. The album is centred on the fantastic drum chops of Dali, but moreover highlights his composer capacities. The album was made with twenty musicians in total, and each song tells a story on the fifty-minute effort. Everything is written out in great detail in the booklet, and it offers interesting insights into the creation and performance processes of the album. Level 25 is a real gem, and it’s solid all throughout. Get your hands on it!

Steph Richards – Take the Neon Lights (Birdwatcher Records)

New York trumpeter Steph Richards will release Take the Neon Lights on March 1 (yes, a very loaded day indeed). Out through Birdwatcher Records, the album is a great feat of experimental jazz showcasing the many mastered techniques of Stephanie, some of which can be heard on the preview track, “Brooklyn Machine”. Somewhere between free and fusion, it’s a brilliant album filled with creativity!

Eli Wallace – Barriers (Eschatology Records)

Pianist Eli Wallace is a monster. As already featured on our website for his previous, experimental album, Slideshow Junky I, Eli returns under a completely different shape with Barriers, a single, thirty-seven–minute piano solo track. On this, he’s heard exploring new and different sounds, as well as some advanced compositional techniques—even though it is a complete improvisation—a feat few can achieve. Therefore, Barriers is a fascinating and upsettingly great album!

Uboa – The Origin of My Depression

Previously known for harsh electronics, Australian artist Uboa comes back with a contemplative, meditative, and beautiful album: The Origin of My Depression. Ambient, droning, and densely atmospheric, it’s a mix of analog, acoustic, and electronic sounds and techniques. The result is utterly entrancing. Unknowable rattles, bells, spoken words, layers of voices quiring, and the occasional bursts of screams make for a touching, poignant, and rending experience. Get.

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