Honest musical autocomplete

Let’s open up my iTunes and see what’s the first band that appears when I hit each letter of the alphabet! You are allowed to laugh at me, but if you do so you must also provide an honest autocomplete list! Be aware that I’ll post the last album or piece of each band.

A… .I.(d) – JashuganJ

That’s actually a pretty strong start! A.I.(d) is still one of my favourite experimental prog metal one-man projects out there!

B… E A R – Doradus

Yeah, not so sure about that one. I was pretty impressed when I first heard the band, but it all faded away pretty fast.

C… -Jeff – Big Steel Wheels

C-Jeff is sincerely one of the most outstanding chiptune artists; his music does not feel gimmicky, and Preschtale is a great concept album with a prog fusion vibe to it.

D… aft Punk – Random Access Memories

I’m not even ashamed of that one, Daft Punk are doing great music. Their latest album was a big step up on their earlier sound, with the use of actual instruments. I highly suggest the album if you want something a bit more friendly than what you’d usually find on the blog!

E… arth’s Yellow Sun – The Infernal Machine

A very good instrumental prog quintet from Toronto! The Infernal Machine is actually one 23-minute song split on a five-song EP. Tasty stuff.

F… aceless Burial – Demo 2015

Okay, I literally just got that album! A friend of mine shared this today so I hadn’t had the chance to properly listen to it yet. However, doing so now I don’t regret my decision of downloading it: it’s some sort of powerviolence band with very raw production and sound. I like it!

G… The Gabriel Construct – Interior City

Wow! It’s amazing when you do such a random list and get such a wonderful album! Interior City is some of the finest and deepest experimental progressive metal album I’ve listened to! And if you haven’t yet, please change this now!

H… acktivist – False Idols (single)

Alright, rapping on some sweet djent wasn’t a revolutionary idea. Pretty much every subgenre of metal has their rap iterations, and some work better than others. This one works very well! Too bad they kinda went all one-trick pony on this.

I… , Legion – Pleiona

I’m not personally a big fan of this album, I think their first one was much better. That being said, it’s a decent album if you’re into melodic metalcore and alternative metal.

J… aćek – Atta Kize Tono

I was very fond of his fusion EP, Entomology. Although this one is of similar quality, I just can’t get into it as much as I’d like to. Some pretty cool ambient, world music, and electro fusion!

K… akaokamkami and Wozzeck / Harlekino – Split

Wozzeck’s collaboration with Kakaokamkami span the first three songs of this split with Harlekino. It’s a pretty cool noise experimentation, but ultimately not as good as Wozzeck’s best material.

L… adybaby – ニッポン饅頭

Yup… now I’m a bit ashamed. Well, at least it’s somewhat metal!? Actually, the song got in my head so much that it hurt me, so I just had to buy it. Not disappointed, though! It’s a very fun and Japanese single!

M… -Opus – 1975 Triptych

That’s an interesting retro prog release! They really got some Genesis vibes in there, and I’m still waiting for their next release!

N… . Tesla – Lux Manifesto

Russian post-hardcore. It’s pretty good, but nothing spectacular either.

O… blivionized – Life Is a Struggle, Give Up

A somewhat interesting grindcore band from the UK. I don’t have much else to say since I haven’t listened to them in a while. Make your own mind.

P… aean – Scorn of Eternity

Hell, I didn’t remember that band at all. Now listening to it, I can see why it failed to grab my interest. It’s in the narrow region where you need to be just uninteresting enough to be completely forgettable. It’s not bad, not at all, but it won’t shake your world view.

Q… uadrivium – Methocha

Since the letter Q has the unfortunate propensity to be followed by a U, we get Quadrivium. I didn’t remember clearly that band either, but it’s clearly not because of their lack of imagination. Methocha is a very decent avant-black record, if the title track is any indication of that.

R… aedon Kong – Critical Paths

Critical Paths is a huge step up from any of their previous material. I just couldn’t like it, it was viscerally not my thing. Now, however, things have changed, and I think that this album is actually pretty good! Give it a shot yourself!

S… The Safety Fire – Mouth of Swords

I have never been a fanboy of TSF, but they actually make good songs, and their singer’s unique voice only adds to all that. I don’t know what’s happened of them, though, or even if they are still together…

T… .A.T.u. – Waste Management

All right… now I’m fully ashamed. I guess what you listen to as a teen sticks with you and will ruin your life until your death… Oh well. In my time, All the Things She Said was the shit in high school, and I later went back on the Russian duo because of a nostalgia wave, and here we are. Talking about t.A.T.u. on a blog promoting underground experimental and progressive music…

U… lcerate – Vermis

Oh what a relief, after what we just went through! Ulcerate is a kiwi band with a sound quite opposite as what you probably envisioned by reading kiwi. Dissonant progressive brutal death metal. I love these guys!

V… ampillia – xoroAHbin

As everything not mainstream in Japan, it’s very. FUCKING. underground… This is a great experimental rock band, and I’m glad I can show it to you!

W… alk as Chaos – Demos and Singles

Okay, now I’m pissed! Where are these guys? They released two mind-blowing tracks back in 2013, and radio silenced since then. I really hope they are working on a full-length. Even a short EP would do, at this point! Where are you, guys?

X… anthochroid – Blessed He with Boils

Remember them? In 2012, they stormed the world with this amazing album, and pretty much shook my stance on black metal forever. I think it’s because of them that I’m now finally more open to black metal. Thanks again for that! Can’t wait to hear what’s cooking in the Xanthoven!

Y… es – Tales from Topographic Oceans

OK, OK… this is clearly not their newest album, but I figured I could do a little exception on my rule, here. Tales is my absolute favourite Yes album, and possibly the one album I would choose if I could bring only one with me. It’s an uncompromised artistic vision rendered reality, and that’s why it’s a life-changing album!

Z… achary Huff – Laniakea

That’s the drummer of Sirens’ side project, some beautiful and entrancing drum and bass, and ambient electro music. It’s very well done, and I can see it please any fan of metal here, and anyone living on Earth, for that matter.

Bonus round! Numbers and foreign alphabets!

Greek… Χρηστος Ανεστοπουλος (Hristos Anestopoulos) – Swinging over the Surfaces

A soothing and calm ambient jazz album. It’s been a while since I haven’t played that one, but in order to listen to calmer songs, I must be in the right mood for it. If not, it just frustrates me. But I swear I’ll try to do that soon-ish.

Armenian… Տիգրան Համասյան (Tigran Hamasyan) – A Fable

It’s no secret that Tigran is a virtuoso pianist. Mockroot was one of the albums that brought me closer to jazz. A Fable doesn’t reach the same level as its predecessor, but it’s still a wonderful album to play at any time.

Hangul… 오필리아 (Ophelia) – 당신의 환상올 동정하라 (Sympathize with Your Phantasy)

I just covered this album on the blog, so I don’t have anything to add to this review now, but in short it’s a cool post-rock album from South Korea! You should check it out!

Japanese… マキシマム ザ ホルモン (Maximum the Hormone) – 予襲復讐 (Yoshū Fukushū)

I hate to bring all three Japanese alphabets under a sole generalization, but know that Katakana is most often used for entities such as bands, and sometimes Kanji will be used to. Maximum the Hormone is an eccentric (let’s not generalize here) and very weird (the temptation is strong) Japanese metal or hardcore band, in fact their sound is pretty hard to nail down since it varies wildly between songs and albums. Overall, it’s energetic and harsh, which is what we like to hear!

Numbers… 3 – Crazy Eyes

It’s been a while since I’ve been aware of anything 3 has done. Apparently, this is the latest in a series of singles the band has released last year until the beginning of this year. It’s a pretty OK song, I’ve heard much better things from them. Heh, can’t win ’em all!

So… Sorry for that lengthy and unasked for post! It happens to me, from time to time, to just want to go through my library from a different perspective. I hope you got to know a few good bands in that list! Comment with your personal results below!

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