Ground Patrol, Amnutseba, Wonderbach, Listo listo listo, Lent, and Baraque à free

Ground Patrol – Geophone (Art as Catharsis)

Australian progressive math rock band Ground Patrol are releasing Geophone, their third album, on March 6. I’ve already written about how great the band is, but on this new opus, they outdo themselves with their hypnotizing cyclical polyrhythmic patterns.

Amnutseba – Emanatism (Iron Bonehead)

I’ve discussed the bleak black metal of Amnutseba already, but, since they’re off to releasing their official debut album, Emanatism, let me reiterate. The enigmatic French band gathers influences from all over the place to put together some of the vilest, most repugnant metal out there. You can listen to “Dislūmen” to enter the whirl of dissonance.

Wonderbach – Lumière, Eau et Minéraux (Collectif Coax)

Wonderbach, it’s a new classico-jazz improvisation quartet from the amazing Coax collective. On Lumière, Eau et Minéraux, the four musicians take adventurous paths to music creation. And the adventurous path is the path I like. The album is wildly varied and never fails to grab your attention. It’s a marvellous piece of art!

Listo listo listo – Listo listo listo (TVL)

Listo listo listo is a quartet of outstanding improvising musicians with no other than Chris Pitsiokos on saxophone (whom we previously mentioned)! This self-titled, spontaneous debut on TVL records is a glorious collection of free forms. Definitely worth the look!

Lent – Croix-bâtons (Tricollectif)

Spawn of another amazing French collective—Tricollectif—Lent is an incredibly strange band melting post-rock, experimental jazz, and spoken word into an unlikely alloy. It’s heavy, contemplative, jarring, and melancholic; it’s unique and disturbing. Be sure to take the time to appreciate its off-beat beauty.

Baraque à free – Baraque à free

Baraque à free is a French undectet (plus conductor) relying on improvisation and graphic scores (see video) to guide their musical endeavours. Despite the relative simplicity of their album’s cover art, the music presented within is highly intricate and thought-provoking. Every piece is an astonishing conceptual exploration, and you’re likely not getting a similar project soon!

On February 15 2020, this entry was posted.