Green Tree Novelty Tea – The Lion’s Suite

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Green Tree Novelty Tea starts off strong with their debut EP, The Lion’s Suite: a twenty-minute collection of stellar progressive rock with vibrant math rock influences. Just make sure to raise the volume before listening to the album, because it’s mixed quite low.

The band includes the bassist of blog favourite Axon-Neuron, and this is the sole reason for my stumbling upon this album, for it is not promoted or shared a lot. This makes it even more of a pleasant surprise, then, to find therein some of the best progressive rock of recent times; I’m not kidding. Once you raise the volume to an acceptable level, you’ll hear a high-quality, organic mix, talented musicians, a great singer, and creative song structures and riffs all throughout.

The Lion’s Suite is a real blast from start to finish. From the eclectic and hectic two-part “Ode to the Young Lion” to the more settled and softer “A Bird’s Song: Tones to Christian”, to the eccentric and almost experimental “Goin’ Glam”, you’ll find something to your taste. Green Tree Novelty Tea did me a massive surprise, and I hope it does you one too!

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