Freese Trio, Prissy Whip, Pás de problème, Daniels, Pangaea, and Tides from Nebula

freese prissy whip pas de probleme daniels pangaea tides nebula

Freese Trio – The Beast in the Blueprint

The Beast in the Blueprint is an astounding and creative album by Leeds trio Freese. Blending trip-hop and darkwave, among other things, Freese create a sombre but creatively gorgeous album. It’s full of haunting melodies and each song is very well crafted. A great album to be sure!

Prissy Whip – Swallow

Succinctly, Prissy Whip is a weird band. I love weird bands. On Swallow, the band offers us a delivery that is part avant-prog, part experimental pop, part noise rock, and all fun! Their sound mostly consists of altered vocals, dissonant guitars, and effects-laden bass VI, as well as some very unstable riffs and melodies. Awesome.

Pás de problème – The Shape of Party to Come

Pás de problème‘s latest feels like a party, hence its name. The Portuguese band blends in experimental rock with a hefty dose of klezmer music, as well as hints of many other musical traditions from all around the world as vignettes that are stitched to the main fabric here and there. The band often makes use of odd time signatures, which brings up the math rock element, but it’s so distinct that it cannot be described by that sole word. Overall a brilliant album!

Daniels – The Grass Planet Museum

Tulsa duo Daniels—stylized D A N I E L (((S)))—just released The Grass Planet Museum, an ambitious and adventurous experimental math rock enterprise. Their sound is very upbeat and hectic, slowing things down from time to time only to come back with a bigger bang. It’s a great band to discover so be sure to listen (and download) this album!

Pangaea – Vespr

Pangaea is back! I’ve already written about a single from their previous album, but things take a darker turn on their newest one, Vespr. The band keeps their progressive edge close by and cranks the heaviness up a few notches. It’s a rewarding album with plenty of riffs to bang your head to. Utterly recommended!

Tides from Nebula – From Voodoo to Zen (Long Branch)

The Polish progressive post-rock trio’s newest album is a gem. From Voodoo to Zen sounds like an electro-rock album at times, at other times part of a math rock album, but is generally very post-rock sounding. Either feel you find yourself in, it’s a well-composed piece of music, and it’s quite fun to listen to, either fully absorbed in the songs or as a musical background to something else you’re doing.

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