Fire-Toolz – Interbeing

Angel Marcloid’s musical essays with Fire-Toolz paid off, as many lauded the black metal and vaporwave crossing sophomore Drip Mental. Now with the third iteration – Interbeing – finally out, we get to ask ourselves: “What more is there to say?” On the one hand, many of the praises and critics of Drip Mental still apply. The odd but fascinating offspring of two radically different musical genres is still as good, if not better, than ever – imagine slowed-down, funky pop tunes from the eighties (or an original composition aimed at mimicking that aesthetic) with screams and blast beats that would fit nicely on a black metal album, as well as many audio glitches purposefully implemented into the songs. On the other hand, novelty wears off quickly. If you’re not continually adding or changing some parts of it, you can’t count on that factor to hold the part of your audience seeking new sensations. It’s a paradox and a dilemma in which there is no winning choice to be made: change and the purists will whine; don’t and others will complain. I’m usually in the latter camp, so take this into account here, but Interbeing is a very good follow-up to Drip Mental, even if it’s just more of the same.