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I’m glad to once again be the messenger of pleasing acoustic waves, this time thanks to Seattle-based atmospheric black metal band Morrow. “Hiraeth” is the second track of the band’s debut album, The Weight of These Feathers, out on 21 July.

When I say atmospheric black metal, it’s not giving them enough credit, however. The band pulls some elements of post-metal and blackgaze in order to craft a brilliant sound that is indubitably theirs. Other than only relying on standard “metal” instrumentation, Morrow includes acoustic guitars, a spoken word passage, a female vocal feature, and what sounds like cello, too!

The Weight of These Feathers is not a small album; at over fifty minutes long, there is more than enough space for the band to show you what they’re capable of. Through seven aural paintings, they pull you through heavy-hitting black metal swells and through quieter clearings. Their interest in dynamic and authentic music pays off, as the album is vibrant and organic, and it feels human, warm, and alive. I also like the production choice of keeping some dirt, some flaws, and not reaching for a sterile overproduction.

All in all, The Weight of These Feathers is a fantastic emotional journey, human above all. Don’t miss it, next week, on July 21st!

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